Comments on the Hertha draw against VfL Bochum: “Brutally annoying”

Hertha BSC missed the hoped-for liberation in the Bundesliga relegation battle. The club from the capital had to settle for a disappointing 1-1 (1-0) against newly promoted VfL Bochum at the start of the 21st match day and, after five competitive games in a row without a win, is still in the crisis. The mood among Berliners was accordingly.

The votes on Hertha BSC – VfL Bochum 1: 1 (1: 0)

Niklas Stark (Captain Hertha BSC Berlin) …

… on the goal conceded: “Brutally annoying. A long ball comes, Polter does it well. But then it’s a long-range shot that is unluckily deflected. It’s damn annoying. It was also the first shot in the second half. It definitely wasn’t that good.”

… about the game: “It was the case that we didn’t go into duels and chased the balls as aggressively, as bitingly and with the intensity as in the first half. Maybe we made too much powerplay in the first half and could have played a few situations a little more calmly. But we could still have pulled it off, but then we lost the thread. Nevertheless, I would say that we had our chances in the second half too. Then you can calmly say 2: make 1.”

… to Marc Oliver Kempf: “We’ve known each other for ages. It’s been six years since we played together, but we know each other, we do each other well and we know more or less how the other plays. It does good to have him next to me. The next games can come.”

Marc Oliver Kempf (Hertha BSC Berlin) …

… about the game: “After the first half, in which we were clearly the better team, we didn’t get the connection in the second half. Then you conceded the equalizer with a shot on goal, which is a little bit dangerous. More you didn’t actually allow it, so it’s all the sadder that you’re only left with one point.”

… on his first days at Hertha: “The adjustment was good, it wasn’t difficult for me. I know a lot of guys from before and the coach from the Stuttgart days. I tried to fit in well, to go ahead and give commands . I did quite well, but the one goal I conceded really annoyed me. A clean sheet would have been even nicer.”

Tayfun Korkut (Coach Hertha BSC Berlin) …

… about the game: “We played a really good first half with a lot of energy. We had a good intensity, a good tackle and played very cleanly going forward. Everything was actually under control. And with the only shot on We then equalized after our goal. Then the game changed. It was a hard-fought second half with moments of change on both sides. Unfortunately, we have to live with the point, but if you look at the first half, we could certainly have done better been.”

…on the question of why it wasn’t enough to win: “This time it wasn’t necessarily the stability. The goal conceded was the only ball that came on goal. We strayed a bit from our game in the second half, but it wasn’t the stability.”

… on the arrival of newcomer Marc Oliver Kempf (before the game): “It wasn’t difficult. He’s an experienced Bundesliga player. I know him from my time in Stuttgart. He and the other newcomers have been very well received.”

Arne Friedrich (Sports Director Hertha BSC Berlin) …

… on his decision to leave Hertha at the end of the season (before the game): “It’s a decision that matured at some point. Fredi Bobic and I had a very open conversation. I originally returned in 2019 and to be honest I didn’t planned to stay here for two and a half years. It turned out to be two and a half years because it was just a great time, a turbulent time. I learned a lot and hope that I was able to give a little something back. I have the feeling that now very, very much good structures have been put in place, especially as a result of the sporting realignment. I’m actually very optimistic about the future of Hertha, even if you don’t see it directly right now.”

… on the question of what he wishes the club to say goodbye (before the game): “Stability. That was also one of the reasons why it always remained a bit shaky. A lot of people came and a lot of people went, both at player level and at managerial level. But to really get stability, you also need calm in the environment. Fredi Bobic came with his team. I appreciate him a lot and he knows what he is doing. And I hope that you do that sees as soon as possible, but it all takes time. You have to say that clearly.”

… on his future (before the game): “Even if I’m away in the summer: I will always remain well-disposed towards the club. I like being in Berlin, Berlin is my home. There was a lot of speculation: will Arne emigrate completely? I haven’t made any plans like that at all. I haven’t actually made any plans yet because I’m with Hertha until the summer.”

… on the question of whether he could draw a conclusion about his work (before the game): “On the one hand, it’s too early for that, on the other hand, other people should decide. I’m still here. It’s always said, that it’s a shame I’m leaving, but I’m still here until the summer and we still have a lot to do. We’re still in a very difficult situation.”

Thomas Reis (VfL Bochum coach)

… on his half-time speech: “Of course I was angry that we didn’t accept the duels. Those are the basic virtues, that’s part of football. We chased the ball, we couldn’t get hold of it. Then we get a standard goal, The team was prepared for that too. That’s very annoying. Then it got a little louder. But the team then implemented that very well in the second half, so I’m happy with the point.”

… about the game: “I wasn’t at all happy with the first half. There was no passion, we actually lost all the tackles. We were just lucky that Hertha still couldn’t create that many chances to score We changed things up a bit in the second half and then I was happy with the way we played it, even though it certainly wasn’t a nice football game because of the many long balls from our side. But in our situation away from home I don’t care. The main thing is that we have one Point taken. And that was not undeserved given the second half.”

… on the question of why VfL defends so passionately (before the game): “We have our mission statement where we say: We want to be inflexible. We want to defend with all our might, but also build something. I’m happy if “The lads are also up for defending. Of course, our attacking players in particular want to shine more on offense, but as a promoted team we have to work in both directions with everyone. We’re doing that well and you can see that we can be unpleasant opponents.”

Gerrit Holtmann (VfL Bochum)

… on the question of whether he was happy with the point: “Certainly from the point of view of the first half. We were just not good enough and didn’t have a chance. Hertha did pretty well. We didn’t have any pressure up front and that’s how it was Hertha could just play through. In the end we were happy, but we deserved the point given the way the second half went.”

… on the weak first half: “Even during the warm-up you noticed that we weren’t really there. You could see up until half-time that we didn’t play our game consistently. We’re back there, that we’re offensive still have a lot of room for improvement.”

Sebastian Polter (goal scorer VfL Bochum) …

… on the question of whether he was satisfied with the point: “After the bad first half, definitely. Ultimately, we can be really satisfied with the point. Keeping a fellow relegation candidate who is in there with us at a distance and away – that’s very decent. However, I don’t think we played a good first half and we can live with the point because of the second half.”

… on the changeover during the half-time break: “We certainly played our worst half in the first half. We wanted to get deep and behind the defensive line. We didn’t succeed. At half-time we said clearly that We have to change that in order to score points. Thank God we did that and in the end we’re very happy with the point.”

Sebastian Schindzielorz (Sports Director VfL Bochum) …

… on the most recent transfer phase (before the game): “It’s always a hot phase, the phone doesn’t stand still. You have tons of information, try to sort it out and pick out the best for the club. We decided to work with to carry on with the continuity that has distinguished us over the last few months. We showed in the first half that we are absolutely competitive. We didn’t want to go too far into the structure and see ourselves in a good position.”

… on the course of the season so far (before the game): “We communicated early on that it would be a very tough season for us as a promoted team. We are aware of that and that’s how we started the season. We don’t have much to the left and looking to the right, but focusing on ourselves. It’s worked quite well so far, but there are still a few games to go and we need to keep scoring.”


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