Clayton Kershaw and the photo that takes him away from the Los Angeles Dodgers heading into MLB 2022

With all activities paralyzed in the Major League Baseball (MLB) product of work stoppage, the future of the pitcher has been left up in the air Clayton kershaw, which culminated its 14-season journey with Los angeles dodgers, and is currently in Free Agency.

Prior to lockout There were multiple rumors that pointed to the pitcher lefty was not going to return to the team with which he won the World Series, and that even the intention of his family is not to return to California, but to remain in his native Dallas, in the State of Texas.

Thus, in the specialized press the name of Texas rangers on Kershaw’s horizon, for two very particular reasons: the first, because of the arrival of his former teammate at the Dodgers, Corey seager, and later, by an image that goes around in social networks.

Kershaw not returning to the Dodgers? There is evidence

The photo was taken on Wednesday night, where the pitcher was observed accompanying two players from Dallas cowboys, team of the NFL, What CeeDee Lamb and Amari Cooper, in the party where Dallas Mavericks defeated Golden State Warriors, on the NBA, being an assistant, in addition, to the retirement of the jersey of the German legend Dirk nowitzki.

CeeDee Lamb, Amari Cooper and Clayton Kershaw watching Dallas Mavericks (Bally Sports)

However, from Los Angeles, the journalist David vassegh, Of the radio AM 570, he assured that as soon as the work stoppage in the MLB ends, Kershaw to sign new contract with Dodgers, although he warns that it would not be available for the beginning of the 2022 season.


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