Chicharito Hernández defied censorship and published a photo as God brought him into the world

Is a Javier Chicharito Hernandez different. There’s no doubt about it! The top scorer in the history of the Mexico National Team he made a 180-degree change personally to start performing in sports and on the eve of the season 2022 MLS He left one more sample that he is no longer that player who was affected by extra-sports.

After a forgettable first season in Los Angeles Galaxy, scored a goal in 11 games, Chicharito Hernandez changed the method of feeding and training. In addition, the Mexican player became more active on social networks to the point that he posted a nude photo.

Amid rumors that I would already have a new partner and the relationship with the model Sarah Kohan would be a matter of the past, Javier Hernández was encouraged to challenge censorship on Instagram and published a photograph as God brought him into the world that revolutionized social networks.

Both on the field and off it, you see a different Chicharito. In a friendly game of the Los Angeles Galaxy he put on the ’10’ and showed that can give masterful assistance. And on Instagram he was not going to be left behind! You judge.

The nude photo of Javier Chicharito Hernández on Instagram

“Deep reflections? Or the reality? wrote Javier Chicharito Hernández in the nude photo he posted on Instagram. In less than an hour, the publication of the Mexican striker reached more than 50 thousand ‘Like’ with ‘like’ of players like James Rodriguez and comments of the caliber of: “Hahahaha fucking brother, you’re worth mother!”.

Naked photo of Javier Chicharito Hernández (Photo: @ch14_)


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