Canelo Álvarez moans before mega fight: “I hate the bastard!”

When the third edition of the boxing campaign between world champion Canelo Álvarez and challenger Gennady Golovkin takes place on September 17th, five world titles are at stake with the awards from the IBF, WBA, WBC, WBO and Ring. The Mexican has already sent a declaration of war to his Kazakh opponent and attacked him personally.

“He’s an asshole,” Álvarez is quoted as saying before the upcoming fight by “TMZ”. “He’s not honest. He pretends to be a good person and different from the others, but he’s not,” the 31-year-old raged against Golovkin.

His main problem with the upcoming opponent is that he always shows two faces. He feigns respect in public, only to insult his opponents.

“He talks a lot of crap about me. First he says: ‘I respect him and his career.’ Then again: ‘He’s an embarrassing boxer and a disgrace to Mexico,'” continued Álvarez. “I hate the bastard for that,” he pointed out.

Álvarez announced that he wanted to settle his dispute with Golovkin in the ring. He will defeat the opponent by knockout: “My goal is to end this fight before the 12th round,” said the defending champion confidently.

Álvarez succeeds in historic unification of the title

Nevertheless, he emphasized that he would not go into the rematch headless. “I’m 100 percent focused on the fight because I know it’s going to be a dangerous fight,” Alvarez said

The fight between him and Golovkin marks the third meeting between the two super middleweights. In the first duel in September 2017, the then four-time world champion Golovkin successfully defended his title with a draw. A year later, the Mexican took the title from his opponent by winning points. The first two duels brought in around 120 million dollars each.

After a 13-month hiatus, Álvarez returned to the ring in 2020 and reclaimed his world titles. In November 2021, he unified all of the world super middleweight titles, a feat that only five fighters had managed to do so at the time.

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