ByKolles wants to try again in 2023

ByKolles is not giving up: After the long-standing WEC team was not accepted for the 2022 World Endurance Championship, work on the Le Mans hypercar is continuing. It recently completed its first engine start, which Colin Kolles’ team shared on social media.

Why the nomination was rejected by the FIA ​​and ACO selection committee was not publicly communicated. A WEC spokesman told Sportscar365 that there was a problem with the documents.

In an interview with ‘’ Kolles says that it could have something to do with the missed homologation deadline: “There is no official reason. We have also submitted all the necessary documents. The only thing is that the homologation deadline has not been met could.”

ByKolles was thrown back by half a year in its 2021 project because the gearbox did not fit. Technically it was in perfect condition, but it could not be installed in the chassis. Supplier X-Trac then manufactured a new gearbox, the arrival of which in Germany was further delayed due to customs formalities in the wake of Brexit. The gearbox arrived the day before Christmas.

Of course, it was not possible to complete test drives, let alone a timely homologation. “It’s difficult to drive without a gearbox,” says Kolles. In the meantime, the gearbox has been installed: the photos of the “fire-up” of the Gibson engine show how gears are shifted. The bolide is now ready for use and the test program will begin shortly.

Works continue under the name Vanwall

PMC Motorsport, the company behind Team ByKolles, remains committed to its plan to build the hypercar in three versions (Street, Trackday and Race). In addition, a new motorcycle is planned under the name Vanwall. And the subject of WEC is far from over. ByKolles now wants to try again in 2023.

“There are talks to settle this in a timely manner,” says Kolles. “The plan is for us to compete as a real works team. We have a very good product, I know that. If there are interested teams that want the car [als Kunden] want to play, then we will position ourselves in the second row.”

The ByKolles team wanted to compete in the WEC 2022 under the name Vanwall. PMC Motorsport has secured the rights to the name of the first Formula 1 Constructors’ World Champion (1958). The brand name is protected in Germany, among others, but also in the USA, China and other countries.

All rights to the name now belong to PMC or ByKolles. The Le Mans hypercar is said to be named “Vanwall Vandervell LMH” after the Vanwall founder.

precedent or not?

Meanwhile, it will be exciting to see how the WEC selection committee will proceed in the future. Kolles: “If this is a precedent that there is this homologation period and it has to be observed, then that must also apply to Ferrari and Co.”

And here is the first point of contention. The Peugeot 9X8 has not yet been homologated either, but the French manufacturer’s naming was accepted. Unlike ByKolles, Peugeot was at least able to complete its roll-out before Christmas.

On a purely bureaucratic level, however, this should not really make any difference. Nevertheless, the Peugeot entry was accepted, although the French will skip the first race at Sebring, as likely would have been the case with ByKolles.

Colin Kolles promises one thing: His team, which attaches great importance to always competing in the 24 Hours of Le Mans with self-constructed vehicles, will not change its philosophy and will not buy an off-the-shelf vehicle: “That will not happen in my life . What for? Not many can do what my people can do.”


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