BVB “Fans don’t care”? Effe wants to see Haaland’s “true face”.

Although Erling Haaland still has a contract with Borussia Dortmund until 2024, his future with the Bundesliga club is open. It is quite possible that the Norwegian striker will leave the black and yellow in the summer. If TV expert Stefan Effenberg has his way, Haaland should quickly provide clarity. Also in the sense of the BVB supporters.

“It doesn’t matter to the players if they leave a club and they don’t get any transfer fees – and apparently many don’t care either,” Effenberg began his angry speech on “t-online” about professionals like Niklas Süle, who left Munich after the season turns his back free of charge. “But this is where a player’s true face always shows and you shouldn’t underestimate that.”

In this train of thought, Effenberg also came up with Erling Haaland from BVB, who is tied to Borussia from Dortmund for another three years, but has an exit clause, thanks to which he can join a new club in the summer for 75 million euros.

“The next one whose true face will be revealed is Dortmund striker Erling Haaland,” said the former DFB international, who is curious about Haaland’s decision.

The Norwegian top striker could still “pull his clause until around the end of May and show that he doesn’t care about the club, the squad planning and the fans,” Effenberg put one of the two options in the room, and from his point of view it was much less attractive .

“Or he creates facts very quickly now, gives the club the opportunity to position itself adequately for the time after his departure – and finally gives the fans an answer to their most pressing question,” said the 53-year-old, explaining the probably much better solution and adding : “After all, he indicated that he wanted to do this.”


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