BVB boss Watzke announces talks with Zwayer


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The death threats against referee Felix Zwayer also move Hans-Joachim Watzke after his BVB game against FC Bayern was the trigger for the current circumstances. The Westphalia official announced before the Bundesliga game against 1899 Hoffenheim that he wanted to speak to the referee.

The most important voices in the run-up to the Saturday afternoon games of the 20th match day of the Bundesliga on “Sky”.

Hans-Joachim Watzke (CEO Borussia Dortmund) …

… on the question of whether he wanted to call referee Felix Zwayer after the death threats: “We should have talked a long time ago. What only irritated us at the time and was a bit angry is that he gave us this dialogue that we wanted to record , via the media advised. I always have this old-fashioned feeling that you have to talk face-to-face when something like this happens, but now that it’s obviously had a bit of a deeper impact on him too, I think we’ll go straight to the should grab the listener. Everything has to fit, but I have no problem taking the first step.”

… on the rumors of change about Erling Haaland: “Of course we exchanged ideas. Basically, it’s like this: Erling had the feeling that the media said we gave him an ultimatum, which we didn’t do. It is sometimes hard to tell if something is just media speculation or not. We’ve made that clear. There’s no ultimatum to him. And there’s absolutely no falling out between us or anything. We’re good with each other and someday we’ll talk. “

… on further personnel planning in the storm: “We are in January and very early anyway. We have ideas that we want to communicate to Erling and his advisors and we will do that in the next few weeks. We have no time pressure. And then We’ll see at some point whether these ideas bear fruit or not. If he says I’ll stay here, then we’re extremely happy. If things turn out differently and he says he’s leaving, then we’ll find another solution. We’ll find a good solution find it, you can be sure of that. The important thing is that we stay creative.”

… on BVB’s cup exit: “Of course that mustn’t happen in Sankt Pauli. Maybe we weren’t ready at the beginning, in any case we shouldn’t have lost the game. But it happens. We became champions in 2011, but was kicked out of the cup in the same season. That annoys me terribly every time, but in the end you have to say: It just happens from time to time. That’s the cup.”

… on the question of whether all BVB players are willing to go to the limit in the cup: “I don’t accept that. We have been in the final six times in the last ten years. We have won three times and lost three times. That doesn’t necessarily speak for a team that isn’t ambitious in the DFB Cup. Last year we weren’t more ambitious than this year. Shit happens. It shouldn’t have happened. We certainly made mistakes in terms of attitude, but it’s on That’s how it ended up happening. But that has nothing to do with the mentality of the team.”

Marco Rose (Borussia Dortmund coach) on the cup exit: “It’s not about the will. I’ve said that many times too. We want to, but there are a few more things to it. Namely, preparing for a game in such a way that you know exactly what’s actually going to happen. That’s mine The task is to prepare the lads for that. Then you have to bring what you discussed beforehand onto the pitch. I’ve always called that attitude. You have to be able to deal with things that then happen in a game: faster deficit, worse Space, aggressive opponents. Those are all things that are actually clear. But using this knowledge to bring a clear performance onto the pitch that reacts precisely to these points – that is our task, our job and our claim to be successful again and again to be. That is what is required of us. Every defeat is looked at with a special eye.”

Adi Hütter (Borussia Mönchengladbach coach)

… on his future in Mönchengladbach: “When I talk to those responsible, they give me a good feeling so that I can continue to work in peace. Of course the situation is unsatisfactory for all of us. Nevertheless, the belief in me as a person is there “, but I’m also aware and clear that we have to bring results as quickly as possible. We don’t talk after every game whether the job is 100 per cent guaranteed or not. But basically the trust of the club is there.”

… on the sporting crisis: “I certainly imagined it differently, but sometimes things just happen that you can’t predict. We’re in a very difficult situation, that can’t be denied. But on the other side As a leader and as a trainer, I also see it as a major challenge to bring the ship in the right direction.”

Sven Mislintat (Sports Director VfB Stuttgart) …

… to the rumor that VfB Nils Petersen is on the transfer radar: “That’s not correct.”

… on the question of where he sees the reason for the place in the table basement: “Basically in the results. If you don’t have enough points, you’re down there. We knew what to expect from the start of the season. There was in issues in the first half of the season that didn’t make life easy for us, but we’re now happy that we can at least slowly tick off most of them in terms of personnel and that most of our players are back on the pitch.”

“Sky” expert Dietmar Hamann …

… on the death threats against Felix Zwayer: “I hope that everyone will come to their senses. I also appeal to Dortmund to take the first step towards Felix Zwayer so that we can get out of this and come on find a reasonably conciliatory end. Two years ago, football could no longer be played. Then there was talk of humility and that we all have to come closer together. And we have to treat each other differently in the football family so that something like this doesn’t happen again. That’s ours all task. The whole discussion is still going on. We had a situation a few years ago, to which even the DFB President spoke up, where we had weekly physical assaults on referees in amateur leagues. Without referees, there is no football and we have to make sure that people aren’t afraid. This is a situation that is unacceptable. I hope that Dortmund will take the step and Offer Felix Zwayer the interview. That’s BVB, that’s DFB, we all owe it to football.”

… on the strong performances of Leverkusen’s Patrik Schick: “In Florian Wirtz he has a brilliant assist provider behind him, who writes superlatives in his younger years. An incredibly great player who has a great future ahead of him. And on the outside “They have very fast players who serve him the right ball. That’s what a striker thrives on, of course, but he’s also incredibly efficient in front of goal. I think Leipzig still mourn his loss.”

… to Borussia Mönchengladbach: “In a crisis situation you have two options. Either you have two or three players in the dressing room who say: ‘Men, we have to get out of there again. That’s us, the club, the fans and owe us.’ Then you move closer together. Or everyone goes their own way. At the moment, the latter is the case with Gladbach. Then it can often be the case that the players look after themselves and not the well-being of the team. At the moment you have to look big Worried about this team and the club.”



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