BVB, 1. FC Köln and Co.: Bundesliga wants more viewer concessions

Thomas Muller was delighted. “When the ball goes into the goal, the light flickers and the people are there. It’s worth working for these feelings,” said the Bayern veteran of his moment of happiness in the 3-2 win against RB Leipzig after two months of ghostly mood.

As in many places in the Bundesliga, 10,000 fans were admitted again at the weekend in the Munich Arena. However, the clubs do not want to be satisfied with the concessions made by politicians in the midst of the Omicron wave. A look at England or Spain, but also at their own accounts, causes frustration.

BVB, 1. FC Köln and Co. want to continue to monitor the situation

RB Leipzig in particular wants to stick to its lawsuit against the restrictions, as Managing Director Oliver Mintzlaff announced. Other clubs such as 1. FC Köln, Borussia Dortmund or Arminia Bielefeld had initially stopped taking legal action after the easing was quickly implemented in NRW, but want to continue to monitor the situation. Hopes rest on the next round of federal and state governments on February 16, although Health Minister Karl Lauterbach generally warned against taking hasty steps.

“Many things are no longer understandable for us. We also said that football cannot and must not be used for symbolic politics. There must be sensible solutions. We still don’t get it into our heads that in the theater or Every second place in the cinema can be occupied and so far every 48th place in our country. That’s why we will continue to complain,” Mintzlaff announced on the Sky TV station.

The state government of Saxony had cleared the way for a spectator capacity utilization of 25 percent on Tuesday. According to Mintzlaff, half the seats would be appropriate. “We have a health concept approved by the city of Leipzig with 50 percent (utilization). Of course we want to implement that.”

Heidel for end of restrictions

Manager colleague Christian Heidel, who regularly commutes between Mainz and his home on Mallorca, is also calling for an end to the restrictions. “Germany is a bit known for the fact that we use a lot of scaremongering. I enjoy an atmosphere like in Spain, how relaxed it is there. The pandemic ended there on Tuesday,” said Heidel.

6,800 fans were allowed into the Mainz stadium against TSG 1899 Hoffenheim on Saturday, so almost every fifth seat was occupied. “Nothing is known that there was contagion around football. We have to let it go again now – as is the case in other European countries,” said the FSV sports director.

Augsburg manager Stefan Reuter also wants to have “gradually more spectators” in the stadium and can hope for his Prime Minister Markus Söder, who has spoken out in favor of further opening steps in culture, sport and trade if the hospital numbers remain stable.

In Lower Saxony, the anger is particularly great, after all, Prime Minister Stephan Weil does not even want to implement the easing that has just been decided. “People lose faith in the rules when they are so inconsistent,” complained Martin Kind, the majority shareholder of Hannover 96.

“These are funds that are gone for now”

DFL boss Donata Hopfen already spoke of alarming numbers in view of the corona cuts. The losses of the clubs in the pandemic could increase to 1.3 billion euros. “These are funds that are gone for the time being – and they won’t come back either. It’s going to get to the substance,” she said of “Bild am Sonntag” and addressed the disadvantages of England or other leagues. “And we will also notice that economically.”

After all, a Bundesliga representative was not so wrong at the weekend that the noise level in the stadium did not return to well-known values. “The voice is a bit shattered. I’m not used to shouting so loud anymore, so I’m satisfied that there were only 10,000 spectators. That’s how you could hear me. It would have been difficult with 50,000,” said Cologne’s assistant coach André Pawlak, who represented his boss Steffen Baumgart, who tested positive for Corona.


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