Buyers request money back via petition

Battlefield 2042 has met with the displeasure of die-hard fans since its release in November 2021. A petition was therefore started four weeks ago with the goal of recovering the money for buying the game.

The shooter is one of the worst-rated games on Steam. The game is also rattling through mercilessly with potential fans on Metacritic.

Because Battlefield 2042 is still riddled with bugs and, in the eyes of many users, is basically unplayable. According to the critics, the unfinished game appeared on the market too early, which justifies a refund of the purchase price.

Since the improvements made by game developer DICE have hardly any effect and the said process is also very slow, thousands of buyers are asking for their money back as part of a petition. After well-known industry insider Tom Henderson drew attention to the campaign on Monday, more than 23,000 signatures were received.

Those responsible promise that if the case has at least 50,000 signatures, it will be taken on by one of the best class action lawyers.

Because the “gaming community should not accept this kind of abuse and bullying by billionaire companies that run unfinished games and false advertising.”


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