Bürki before a last-minute change? Confusion about transfer to Ligue 1

BVB may have found a buyer for goalkeeper Roman Bürki on the last day of the winter transfer phase. After the rumored change of the Swiss to Galatasaray burst, there is now the chance of a transfer to Ligue 1. However, this deal does not seem to be clear for a long time.

BVB has until 6 p.m. to find a buyer for Roman Bürki. If you believe a report by the portal “The Athletic”, Dortmund have already solved this problem. There it says that Bürki will initially appear on loan for the French first division club FC Lorient until the end of the season.

In southern Europe, however, they are not so sure. The Portuguese newspaper “Record” reports on Monday that Lorient wants to try to find Benfica substitute keeper Hèlton. The Brazilian is also initially talking about a loan deal until the end of the season.

The only thing that has been confirmed so far is that the penultimate table in Ligue 1 is looking for a new goalkeeper. The local daily newspaper “Le Télégramme” writes about a demoting of the previous goalkeeper Paul Nardi and claims that the club is urgently looking for a replacement for the second half of the season. However, it is still unclear who will ultimately be awarded the contract.

Will Bürki and BVB still find a solution?

Should Lorient decide against Roman Bürki, the Swiss would be stuck with packed suitcases for the second time in just a few days. At the weekend, his supposed move to the Turkish club Galatasaray was reported as almost perfect. Talks and negotiations were mentioned in the Turkish and German media. In the end, however, the transfer did not take place.

The search for a solution for Bürki and BVB continues. Whether FC Lorient will be this solution will be decided by Monday evening. Until then, a transfer to Ligue 1 would theoretically be possible. In other countries like Turkey, however, the transfer window has been open for longer.


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