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Press conferences with heavyweight champion Tyson Fury are traditionally an experience. In the absence of his upcoming challenger Dillian Whyte, the ‘Gypsy King’ dropped a bombshell at a recent PR tryst ahead of the British clash in London on April 23 when he announced his retirement after the fight. However, star promoter Eddie Hearn doubts whether the 2.06 meter giant will keep his word and actually retire on a “big yacht”.

Will Tyson Fury disappear from the boxing scene anytime soon? The 33-year-old’s recent mega-announcement left a lot of question marks.

Fury has reached the fistfight summit – and he can be trusted with anything anyway. But: Resignation announcements are as much a part of boxing as a hook on the liver. Especially since the enfant terrible felt like ending his career a hundred times “after the next fight” – only to continue in the end.

Even Eddie Hearn, promoter of Fury’s intimate enemy Anthony Joshua, does not believe the statement. “Anyone who believes Tyson Fury everything he says is absolutely insane,” said the string puller in front of journalists.

Eddie Hearn: Tyson Fury just “a great self-promoter”

In addition, Hearn countered Fury’s accusation that Dillian Whyte’s non-appearance to the PK was a “shame” and that something like that would never happen to him, ice cold.

“He didn’t show up for the PK with Klitschko in 2015. Check your archives, he wasn’t there. He said at the time his car broke down on the road, so don’t believe a word of Tyson Fury. He’s a great self-promoter. He talks like that a lot of shit and people believe him, which is almost awesome,” Hearn taunted the Gypsy Kings.

Meanwhile, he believes Dillian Whyte can surprise Fury. “He’s tough. He lands great body shots and has a fantastic left hook,” Hearn said of ““: “Should Fury switch off at some point, he will be sent to the boards.”



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