boxing, heavyweight | Sensational fight is getting closer: promoters open the door for Fury vs. Usyk

Will ex-heavyweight world champion Anthony Joshua forego a rematch against Oleksandr Usyk, paving the way for the Ukrainian to face Tyson Fury? Joshua himself says: No! Two directly involved promoters think: Maybe! Meanwhile, Fury rumbles: “You are all bums!”

A report by the “Telegraph” got the boxing world into a frenzy this week. The newspaper reported that Anthony Joshua would forgo the rematch against Oleksandr Usyk, paving the way for a major title unification fight between the Ukrainian and Tyson Fury. The waiver should flush 15 million pounds into Joshua’s coffers.

“AJ” himself immediately denied the report, but with Alexander Krassyuk (Usyk) and Eddie Hearn (Joshua), two promoters are now fueling the rumors.

“We have some offers and options to discuss,” Hearn told Sky Sports, leaving room for speculation. If his protégé never stepped aside, he could have communicated this clearly. But Joshua’s withdrawal actually seems possible.

And Krassyuk was suddenly very cautious about a duel between Usyk and Joshua. “I don’t know if Joshua was offered the money. Or if he accepted it. The ‘Telegraph’ says he accepted it. That would be a reasonable decision in my opinion,” Krassyuk told Boxing Social. also room for speculation.

Usyk promoter: That’s why Joshua should accept the offer

It is obvious to Krassyuk why Joshua should avoid a direct rematch against Usyk. “Let’s say he fights Usyk next. Would he earn more then [als 15 Mio. Pfund]? Perhaps. Would this fight be a risk for him? Definitely. If he lost a second time there would be a lot of questions about his future,” explained the champion’s promoter.

On the other hand, if Joshua does not fight and accepts the money, “he would have the guarantee of being able to fight the winner of Fury vs. Usyk next. Then he would get this money and the chance to win all the titles. That would have many advantages for him. If I were ‘AJ’ I would think very carefully about this offer,” Krassyuk said.

“…then there are no more big hurdles”

Usyk’s promoter then admitted that he had already thought intensively about the scenario of a Joshua withdrawal. “Once the money comes in and Joshua gets a guarantee that he can fight the winner, there won’t be much of a hurdle. But there’s one other man who has a role in this film and that’s that [Fury-Herausforderer] Dillian Whyte. He too must agree to the terms,” ​​Krassyuk pointed out.

One thing is clear for the promoter of the champion: the more parties have to agree to a deal, the more complicated it becomes. “Nevertheless, there’s still a chance that everyone will agree and we’ll have a unification fight. But it’s still just words. We’re thinking about it, we assume it could work, but we have no guarantee that it will happen And as long as there is no certainty, our first option remains a second fight between Usyk and Joshua.”

Tyson Fury: “I will humiliate and destroy you all”

Of course, Tyson Fury also got wind of the whole story long ago. In a whole series of Instagram videos, the “Gypsy King” has given his two cents in the past few hours.

“Let’s fight you fucking idiots. You’re all bums, you wimps. Fight or put up a fight. You shithouse bombs. I don’t care who I fight. I will humiliate and destroy you all.” Fury rumbled in the usual manner against his three colleagues.


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