boxing, heavyweight | Revealed: That’s why the mega fight Fury vs. Usyk burst

The big title unification fight between Tyson Fury and Oleksandr Usyk will not come for the time being. An agreement seemed imminent. The question is: Who is responsible for the fact that the mega fight burst? Opinions differ on this.

In theory, the plan on the way to the big unification fight between Tyson Fury and Oleksandr Usyk was actually very simple: Anthony Joshua does without his rematch against Usyk, the Ukrainian fights Fury for all the titles and Joshua in turn gets the chance to fight the winner to fight. The two British promoters are now arguing why this plan failed.

Joshua promoter Eddie Hearn said on Friday that Tyson Fury didn’t want to fight Usyk directly at all, but planned from the start to put in at least one more fight (and collect). This, in turn, would have made it impossible for “AJ” to withdraw, Hearn explained.

Warren shoots at Joshua promoter

Fury promoter Frank Warren presents the matter completely differently. He says: Anthony Joshua burst the mega fight.

“Now it’s all irrelevant and I don’t care what Eddie Hearn says. Eddie Hearn says a lot of things and is the reason these negotiations are failing. […] Already a year ago he claimed that everything [für Fury vs. Joshua] signed, although it was agreed that nobody would comment until everything was settled,” Warren told talkSPORT first against Hearn.

Because of this sum, the mega fight burst

But why did the fight between Fury and Usyk burst now? “As for Tyson, the negotiations would have dragged on, but then when Joshua asked for $5 million more, he said, ‘Enough is enough!’ And that was it, he [Fury] Said he wasn’t interested anymore and Joshua was too greedy,” Warren said.

English media had previously reported that Joshua had an offer of £15million to withdraw voluntarily. While ‘AJ’ himself did not dispute the number, he did deny claims that he had accepted the offer.

Both Fury and Usyk were keen to get the unification fight off the ground, the promoter assured. “But then there were the two in the middle. One [Dillian Whyte] sued the WBC, the other [Joshua] wanted more and more money,” Warren explained that it wasn’t his protégé that broke up the fight, but the two challengers that complicated the negotiations.


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