Boutron on the mend

French racing driver Philippe Boutron, who suffered serious leg injuries in an explosion at the Dakar Rally in Saudi Arabia at the end of December, is on the mend.

“The situation is improving. I was hit in both legs and now have another operation on Monday,” he told radio station France Bleu Orleans: “I don’t know when I’ll be able to walk again, but my legs are saved.”

On December 30, a bomb placed under one of Boutron’s support vehicles exploded in the departure and destination Jeddah. The 61-year-old received immediate medical attention, was temporarily placed in an artificial coma and underwent multiple surgeries. The French government classified the explosion as a possible act of terrorism.

“It was a big explosion,” said Boutron, president of the French third division soccer team US Orleans: “We didn’t expect it at all.” He was interrogated twice by the investigators, as well as his entire entourage.


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