Boston crushes a Nets that add nine consecutive losses

The debacle in Brooklyn is a fact. Since Kevin Durant was injured, the team’s balance is 2-12… It is true that there are more factors to explain how they reach nine consecutive losses -the last one falling to a beating against Boston-, but this does not hide the fact that they need to find solutions quickly.

What happened last night at the Barclays Center was a massacre. After seven minutes of the game (there were none), the electronic reflected a dramatic 2-28 in favor of the Celtics. It is true that the Nets were without the injured James Harden and Durant, and that Kyrie Irving was also unable to play when the game was played in New York, but even that was not enough to save what was a major disaster.

“Frankly, this is a really good starting lineup that’s playing great basketball against a backup lineup that we’re asking to match the level of a high-quality NBA starting lineup,” Nash says. lived at the beginning of the clash against the greens.

For Boston it was a walk. Those from Massachusetts are living their best moment this season with six wins in a row, and their players made it clear during the 48 minutes. Marcus Smart and Jaylen Brown were the leading scorers with 22 points each, while Jayson Tatum went as far as 19 points.

“I don’t know how often or if we’ve ever started a match that well, but it was nice. We knew some of those guys were out. We just wanted to take care of business from the beginning. We didn’t want to play and give them confidence to get into the fight for the game, “explains Brown.

Brooklyn, way of the play in?

It’s too soon to say anything, but things have to change a lot for the Nets to climb back up the Eastern Conference rankings. In a matter of three weeks they have gone from fighting to be the first classified on their coast, to being immersed in the fight to qualify directly for the playoffs avoiding play in. Such a circumstance undoubtedly feeds the rumor mill about transfers, something that Nash continues to rule out.

“Honestly, I think we will keep the same template. I think the chances of trades or deals happening before the deadline are very slim, especially for our group. So my mind and all my attention is on this group and putting together a team as the guys get back on their feet. The goal is to build it for the final stretch », he analyzes.

Going back into the game, Jevon Carter was the New Yorkers’ leading scorer with 21 points off the bench. Also starting from the second unit, James Johnson and Cam Thomas added 17 apiece.

(Photo by Steven Ryan/Getty Images)

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