“Big Eggs”: A lot of recognition for Max Eberl

Max Eberl is leaving Borussia Mönchengladbach after a total of 23 years. The 48-year-old received a lot of respect for his courageous step, which the long-time manager justified with his mental exhaustion. This is how the football scene reacted to Eberl’s withdrawal:

Toni Kroos (former international, via Twitter): “Chapeau Max Eberl. Outstanding manager and guy with really big balls. Have a good rest, Max!”

Ilkay Gündogan (national player, via Twitter): “My greatest respect for Max Eberl for this certainly very difficult decision. It takes a lot of courage! All the best for the future, Max – and above all good health.”

Domenico Tedesco (RB Leipzig coach to SID): “Of course it’s always something special, I think, in this case now in a negative sense, when a club legend who has been there for many, many years not only as a manager but also as a player is there. It’s always a shame. I have Always happy to see him there.”

Andre Schürrle (former national player, via Twitter): “All the best Max Eberl! Have peace and patience! Thank you for your courageous words.”

Lothar Matthäus (record national player, at Sky): “I was surprised that he made that decision. But you have to accept and respect it. He has done amazing things for Borussia in various positions. As a fan and former Borussia player, you have to thank him for that. For his commitment, for his Passion with which he fought.”

Dietmar Hamann (Sky expert, at Sky): “I’ve known Max for 40 years, played against him when he was ten. Max was always a fighter. He said it at the PK: Others had more talent, but he always prevailed. You have to respect that and keep your guard up for him how open he was about the matter. Today we’re not only losing an excellent manager – for a limited time – but also excellent people.”


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