Big Ben’s replacement?: It was revealed what the 49ers ask the Steelers to sign Jimmy Garoppolo

There is no waiting time and while Los Angeles Rams and Cincinnati Bengals prepare for the Superbowl 2022, the other teams begin to be the protagonists of the rumors about who will be the new quarterback of each franchise. Pittsburgh Steelers and San Francisco 49ers, two protagonists with Ben Roethlisberger and Jimmy Garoppolo involved.

After Big Ben’s retreat After playing for 18 seasons in the Steelers, the position of quarterback in the Pittsburgh team is one of the most desired for having a roster that is a regular contender in the NFL Playoffs.

Jimmy Garoppolo already made it clear to what kind of team wants to arrive in the 2022 NFL season and with a trade imminent by the San Francisco 49ers, it was revealed what would they ask of teams like the Pittsburgh Steelers if they want to sign the quarterback.

Jimmy Garoppolo in 49ers vs. Packers (Photo: Getty Images)

Although criticism is constant about Garoppolo’s level, Jimmy G demonstrated once again in the 2022 NFL Playoffs that, with a good team around him, he can lead a franchise to a victory from being in the Super bowl. Even the quarterback, 30 years old, he has already played in one Super Bowl and two conference championship games.

It was revealed what the 49ers ask the Steelers to sign Jimmy Garoppolo in the NFL

As reported by Matt Lombardo, from the Fan Sided portal, what he asks San Francisco 49ers to the Pittsburgh Steelers to sign Jimmy Garoppolo as Big Ben’s replacement is a player plus a second or third round NFL Draft pick.


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