Biathlon vs. cross-country skiing: stars meet for a showdown

Before the Biathlon World Championships take place in Ruhpolding in summer, not only the domestic championships are pending for the Swedish athletes. A test with the stars from the cross-country ski camp is also on the agenda.

Before Sweden’s best biathletes compete in the national championship from August 20th to 21st in Östersund, the ski hunters have an unusual race ahead of them.

On August 19, there will be a cross-country race over 7.5 kilometers for women and 10 kilometers for men – without weapons.

“Of course we hope that the cross-country skiers will also take the opportunity to compete,” said Johannes Lukas, head coach of the Swedish national biathlon team, adding: “It would be a great opportunity for a comparison between the sports in the summer.”

The 29-year-old stressed that without the shooting it will be a very different race. “We hope that many talented cross-country skiers will take the opportunity to take part in the competition. It is a good opportunity to compete and offers a good opportunity to compare the sports,” says Lukas.

Sweden stars ‘like to compete’

The championships and cross-country races are very important to the Swedish national coach. Resting stars for the upcoming World Cup is out of the question for Lukas.

“Our athletes like to compete against each other and are very proud to fight for their clubs,” emphasized the young successful coach and made it clear: “This means that all injury-free athletes start at the Swedish championship.”

In 2015, Lukas, who was born in Munich and had already worked in the past as an athletics trainer at the 1860 Munich youth academy, hired in Scandinavia as an assistant coach to coaching legend Wolfgang Pichler. Two years ago, after his resignation, he took over as head coach.

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