Biathlon live: Ruhpolding 7.5km sprint (women) in the live ticker | 01/12/2022 2:30 p.m.


Braisaz-Bouchet at the finish

Justine Braisaz-Bouchet tends to lose time on the final lap, so the podium is no longer within reach. Now the Frenchwoman is fighting her way to the finish, displacing Lisa Theresa Hauser in fifth place in 6th place.


Wiesensarter does a lap

Marion Wiesensarter is currently doing her first shooting bout. In the prone position, the German leaves one pane untouched. When she comes back from the penalty loop, she is 65th.


Braisaz-Bouchet messes up standing

Not all women have started yet. At the moment, Justine Braisaz-Bouchet is an athlete who has prospects for a podium. But then the French woman catches a standing penalty and drops back to 6th place. About ten seconds are missing from the top 3.


Third again

The podium has not yet been made. Dorothea Wierer would like to have a say. And in fact, the Italian Dzinara Alimbekava catches on the final lap and places herself in third place. The first seven athletes in the target classification shot without a mistake today.


Alimbekava takes third place

Thanks to faultless shooting performance, Dzinara Alimbekava reached the target in third place and knocked Lisa Theresa Hauser off the podium.


Good result for Hildebrand

After a good race, Franziska Hildebrand has now crossed the finish line. After only one mistake in prone, the DSV ski hunter is currently eighth.


Elvira Öberg with victory in mind

Then Elvira Öberg flies towards the goal. With the outstanding running record, the Swede is almost 19 seconds faster than sister Hanna on the track. Marte Olsbu Røiseland takes Elvira almost 22 seconds and takes the lead.


Fire free for Wierer

Dorothea Wierer shines today at the shooting range. With a rapid fire insert, the South Tyrolean clears all destinations out of the way while standing and sniffs as fourth on the podium at this point.


Bescond arrives third

Anaïs Bescond has just finished. The Frenchwoman is third behind Hauser. The podium placement, however, will not last.


Öberg faster

The final lap indicates that Elvira Öberg can extend her lead and will run towards victory.


Røiseland with the guide at the finish

The very same Marte Olsbu Røiseland is currently flying towards the goal and displacing Lisa Theresa Hauser from the top. The Norwegian is 20 seconds faster than the ÖSV starter.


Competition for Røiseland

Røiseland has to tremble for victory, because Elvira Öberg shows no nakedness at the shooting range today. After ten goals, the Swede goes to the final round as the leader – with a good eight seconds of cushion.


Persson finished second

Linn Persson, who is also faultless, has already made it and is second behind Lisa Theresa Hauser at the finish line. The Swede is almost 14 seconds short of the lead.


Bescon is fighting for the podium

Anaïs Bescond also works flawlessly standing up, so she remains completely flawless today and is third on the way to the final lap. So the French will fight for the podium.


Hauser on target

Lisa Theresa Hauser rushes towards the goal, is almost 39 seconds faster than the meanwhile leading Tiril Eckhoff.


Røiseland on course

Marte Olsbu Røiseland also takes the lead with a 14-second lead, even when standing up. Shortly afterwards, Denise Herrmann shoots herself out with two mistakes.


Öberg with intermediate best time

During the first shooting, Franziska Hildebrand missed the target with the last shot. On the other hand, Elvira Öberg wipes away all the windows and takes the lead at this point.


First finish lines

In the meantime, the first female athletes have already made it. Hana Sola was already out of business due to the three mistakes. SO others take the lead here. Jessica Jislová sets the pace for now. Simon and Davidová are just behind.


Herrmann meets

There are many perfect shooters, especially when prone. Denise Herrmann is now one of them.


Hauser impeccable

Lisa Theresa Hauser doesn’t show any nakedness, so she clears all ten discs out of the way today and takes the lead on the way back to the track – with a half-minute lead.


Røiseland in the lead

Then Marte Olsbu Røiseland appears at the shooting range for the first time and once again proves her great form. There is no resistance there.


Innerhofer spins massively

Jessica Jislová works standing. The Czech comes through without a penalty loop today. A little later, Katharina Innerhofer experienced her Waterloo – four misses.



This is followed by faultless prone shooting positions by Anaïs Chevalier-Bouchet and Vanessa Voigt.


First shooting

While Lena Häcki worked flawlessly lying down, Hanna Öberg did not succeed. A disc remains untouched. With that the Swede gives up the lead and has to start a race to catch up.


Second shooting

Now the first female ski hunters have come to the standing position. There Ekaterina Avvakumova and Galina Vishnevskaya keep their clean slips. Hanna Sola fails again, makes two more mistakes. This is too much. A little later, Julia Simon also catches two penalties and gives away her starting position, which has been good up to now.


First round

On the first row, Anaïs Chevalier-Bouchet and, in particular, Hanna Öberg showed fast running times. Vanessa Vogt can’t quite keep up with that. Meanwhile, Denise Herrmann is also on the way.


Hauser shoots perfectly

On the other hand, Tiril Eckhoff has to go into the penalty loop once. Immediately afterwards, Lisa Theresa Hauser shows sparkling clean shooting, colors all targets white and goes back on the track five seconds behind Julia Simon.


Innerhofer meets

Due to the good conditions, a flawless shooting result will be a basic condition for a good result for most athletes. Katharina Innerhofer fulfills this, clears away completely while lying down and joins in second.


Simon in the lead without a mistake

Marketa Davidova and Julia Simon do better in the prone position. Above all, the French woman paired that with a fast mileage and took the lead with an 18-second lead.


First shooting bouts

Ekaterina Avvakumova shoots without a mistake, the Kazakh girl Galina Vishnevskaya does the same. What is much more interesting then is what Hanna Sola is doing. But this leaves a disc.


Hauser on the way

After Katharina Innerhofer, Lisa Theresa Hauser has now also started. The ÖSV hope made its way directly to Tiril Eckhoff.


First split times

When we look at the first split times, which are taken after 1.1 kilometers, we see Hanna Sola in the lead. Julia Simon comes very close to the Belarusian. The French woman is 1.4 seconds short.


More starters

Meanwhile, Hanna Sola is also on the road. A little later, Markéta Davidová, one of the winners of this season, will make herself. The Czech won the individual competition at the beginning of November. Half a minute later, Julia Simon is already on the track.


Broken stick

Avvakumova breaks his left stick as soon as he pulls the trigger. That’s curious and a very bad start. A replacement won’t be ready that quickly. Only after almost 200 meters is a supervisor on the spot with a new work device.



The Russian Ekaterina Avvakumova, who is starting for South Korea, has just opened the competition. In Chiemgau there are good conditions with temperatures below freezing point. The landscape is winterly white. Accordingly, the route preparation was not a major problem.



While the first guard of the Norwegian men is currently putting more emphasis on training in terms of preparation for the Olympic Games and is absent in Ruhpolding, the women with Tiril Eckhoff (start number 12) and Marte Olsbu Røiseland (27) are at least two big names. Above all, the last-mentioned overall World Cup leader must of course be counted among the big favorites. The last two sprints went to the 2020 world champion. We also have the Swedish Öberg sisters Hanna (20) and Elvira (36) as well as the Belarusian Hanna Sola (3) on the list. And from among the numerous French women, at least one is always good for an excellent race. Recently, Julia Simon (6) proved to be extremely formidable.


Federal quintet

Lena Häcki was responsible for the only significant Swiss results of the winter. That was missing in Oberhof, but is now returning to the World Cup (start number 17). In addition to Amy Baserga (26), the three Gasparin sisters Aita (48), Selina (69) and Elisa (101) will also take on the competition.


Four Austrians

The ÖSV is at the start with a quartet. Katharina Innerhofer will intervene very early (start number 8). Shortly afterwards, the currently by far best Austrian biathlete Lisa Theresa Hauser (13) follows. The former overall World Cup leader and winner of the Östersund sprint has now slipped to 5th place in the ranking. The ÖSV line-up is completed by Christina Rieder (51) and Julia Schwaiger (82).


German sextet

On the part of the German Ski Association, Franziska Preuss is still missing, who is not yet fully resilient after a foot injury and her corona infection. The first German athlete with start number 22 will be Vanessa Vogt, who last showed the best condition of all DSV athletes in Oberhof. The best German in the overall World Cup is Denise Herrmann (start number 28). A little later, it is Franziska Hildebrand’s turn (34). In addition to Vanessa Hinz (41), Marion Wiesensarter (80) and Hanna Kebinger (112) can also start in the World Cup this week. The latter even makes its debut on the big biathlon stage.



112 female ski hunters want to take part in this competition and go out onto the track every 30 seconds. A 2.5 kilometer lap has to be completed three times. In between the two shooting algae take place – first lying down and then standing. A penalty must be paid for each missed shot in the penalty loop.



Welcome to the Biathlon World Cup in Ruhpolding! In the Upper Bavarian community there are three competitions for men and women each from Wednesday to Sunday. The latter will start today at 2:30 p.m. with a sprint over 7.5 kilometers.


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