Biathlon live: Ruhpolding 10km pursuit (women) in the live ticker | 01/16/2022 12:45

12:45 p.m

The starting shot has been fired

It starts! Elvira Öberg starts sprinting and tries to get as much lead as possible between herself and her pursuers.


Quartet of Swiss women

The picture is a little better for the Swiss, who also had to lose feathers recently. Lena Haecki has returned to the team and finished the sprint in 38th place. Amy Bagera came close behind her in 40th place. Two of the three Gasparin sisters also qualified for the pursuit race. With places 45 for Elisa Gasparin and 46 for Selina Gasparin, the quartet is sent out of the starting gate within 14 seconds. Only Aita, the third sister, did not make it into today’s competition as 80th. Nevertheless, looking ahead, not too much will probably happen today.


Hauser has to fight for Austria

Lisa Theresa Hauser is on the road as a lone fighter today. After a good sprint race, she is the sixth starter on the track. Your distance to the front is 42 seconds. However, the other three ÖSV athletes clearly missed the qualification for the pursuer and are doomed to watch. Katharina Innerhofer (78th), Julia Schwaiger (79th) and Christina Rieder (83rd) didn’t come anywhere near the top 60.


German biathletes without Herrmann

We have to wait a bit for the first German. The revived Franziska Hildebrand delivered the best result of a German biathlete in the sprint with rank 17. She is already 1:18 minutes behind the leader. Former world champion Denise Herrmann decided not to start in the pursuit race at the end of the biathlon home world cup in Ruhpolding. This decision was taken with a view to preparing for the Olympic Games. Vanessa Hinz starts 29th, 1:37 minutes behind. Vanessa Voigt forms the end of the starting field as 60th and has to make up 2:21 minutes.


The first starters

Elvira Öberg will start her first round alone. Marte Olsbu Røiseland starts 22 seconds after her and in Wednesday’s sprint the Norwegian couldn’t keep up with the strong Swede on the track. Dorothea Wierer and Dzinara Alimbekava start 30 seconds behind Öberg in pursuit.


Warm welcome

Hello and welcome to the women’s 10K pursuit. At 12:45 p.m., Elvira Öberg starts the race as the hunted. Marte Olsbu Røiseland and Dorothea Wierer are the first pursuers.


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