Biathlon live: Antholz relay 4x6km (women) in the live ticker | 01/22/2022 15:00


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Seventh shooting

Tandrevold and Charvatova come to the penultimate shooting stage together. Both remain flawless. Sanfilippo shoots together with Kebinger, both need at least one spare. Meanwhile, Bescond pulls by.


Russia on seven

The Russians, who had been in the lead for a long time, are now 34 seconds behind. Nevertheless, everything is still possible for her in seventh place. The French are also in the fight for the podium, one place behind the Germans.


Last change

From 14 to four, that’s the result for Janina Hettich, who will be more than satisfied with it. For Hanna Kebinger it will still be difficult on her debut in the fight against the best.


trio at the top

The trio at the front loses, Hettich was able to catch up ten seconds. Russia and France are behind. The tension remains high.


Everything open again

Now everything is possible again! Italy, the Czech Republic and Norway are now in the lead and Janina Hettich is now fourth. The gap is now only 20 seconds. What a wild race!

3:50 p.m

Sixth shooting

Russia comes to the shooting range with a 40-second lead. But the lead won’t last much longer – there are three penalties! Can the others take advantage of this? Comola only needs two spares for Italy and is now in the lead. Hettich also needs two spares, Ida Lien was able to advance the Norwegians to third place after a splendid shooting. Insanity!


Poland surprised

The Poles, now with Zyblut, show an unexpectedly strong race and are third behind Russia and Italy.


Fifth shooting

Hettich comes through without any mistakes and can thus make up ground. Norway continues to weaken at the shooting range and again falls behind the Germans. However, eleventh place and 1:20 minutes behind is not the claim of the Germans.


Fifth shooting

Russia gets through with a spare. The other teams all have to reload at least once, Canada even three times. Switzerland narrowly escapes the penalty loop.


halfway through the race

Halfway through the race, the Russians, with Irina Kazakevich currently on track, are living up to their role as favorites so far. Norway and Germany disappoint, Switzerland surprises.


Second change

The field is tight behind Russia. The favourites, France, are fifth. Sweden has clearly fallen behind. Janina Hettich takes a backpack of 1:30 minutes with her on her round.


Wierer overtakes Zuk

Dorothea Wierer shows a strong final lap and overtakes Zuk. Reztsova can extend her lead to 23 seconds. Hildebrand is in 14th place, more than 1:20 minutes behind.


17 seconds ahead for Russia

Poland are 17 seconds behind Russia. Lena Haecki is fighting for third place with Wierer.


Fourth shooting

Everyone has to reload. Russia does it best and leads with a good shot from Reztsova. Beaudry and Haecki also do well. Austria and Germany shoot together, Hildebrand needs two spares.


Leshchanka with a lead

Belarus is already 10 seconds ahead of their pursuers. Behind them, the field has turned inside out: Switzerland was able to advance to fourth place, Russia and Poland are in front. Like Switzerland, Canada is also doing well in the top six.


Third shooting

There are two spares for Franziska Hildebrand. Eckhoff is ahead of Hildebrand on the track, the gap has increased.


Third shooting

The meanwhile trio comes to the shooting range. Andersson starts first but misses three times. Belarus exploits this weakness and passes. Wierer is also fighting against the penalty loop that Sweden now has to run.


Can Hildebrand confirm her form?

Franziska Hildebrand starts her first lap well. Behind them are the Norwegians with Tiril Eckhoff, who cannot catch up with Hildebrand.


Wierer is catching up

Now there are a few lesser known names: Leshchanka for Belarus and Ingela Andersson (SWE), who usually competes in the IBU Cup. Wierer catches up to the two.


First change

This is the order in which the squadrons come to the first change. Amy Baserga showed an outstanding race and passed in fourth place. The first ten seasons are within 40 seconds. Hildebrand took over from Weidel, 1:11 minutes behind.


Alimbekava can attract

Alimbekava plays to her strengths in cross-country skiing, Brorsson is a few meters behind. Vitozzi keeps their distance to Sweden the same.


Sweden and Belarus remain leaders

Brorsson and Alimbekava are still up front, three seconds ahead of Vitozzi. Anna Weidel is 14th, 54 seconds back, struggling on the track. The Norwegians are also far behind.


Second shooting

Alimbekava has to reload twice. Vitozzi was the first to shoot clean with a shooting time of 16.8 seconds. Weidel needs a spare.


USA, Switzerland and Poland

The squadrons from Switzerland, the USA and Poland are currently among the top ten. All three seasons are no favourites.


Small distances

Belarus and Sweden continue to lead the field, a few meters ahead of the competition. Russia and Italy lead the chasing field.


Norway with penalty loop

Knotten has to go into the penalty loop the first time he shoots, the three reload cartridges are not enough. Switzerland, meanwhile, has remained flawless. Austria needed three extra cartridges.


First shooting

Brorsson cleans through and starts the loop first. Alimbekava follows for Belarus. Weidel needs two spares and is already 29 seconds behind.


Brorsson leads

Sweden’s Mona Brorsson can be confident after finishing third in the individual race. She is already showing her good running form and is picking up the pace at the front. Germany is eleven seconds behind.


It starts!

The starting signal has been given. For Anna Weidel it is the first relay competition. The field denies the first kilometers together, France and Russia are at the top.


Three minutes to start

A total of 21 relay teams compete. As always, the performance at the shooting range will be decisive today. In the relay competition, however, surprises and disappointments are inevitable. How will the German team do with an unfamiliar cast?


Switzerland with Häcki

Switzerland will also have little to do with the outcome of the race. With Lena Häcki, the best Swiss runs in second place. The team is complemented by Amy Baserga and the Gasparin sisters Elisa and Selina.


Austria without houses

The Austrians contest the relay competition without Lisa Theresa Hauser. Julia Schwaiger, Anna Juppe, Katharina Innerhofer and Christina Rieder take to the track one after the other. You will only have outsider chances.


Who are the favourites?

Other top athletes like Marte Olsbu Røiseland and the Öberg sisters are also missing. The Norwegians are still well positioned with Karoline Offigstad Knotten, Tiril Eckhoff, Ida Lien and Ingrid Landmark Tandrevold and are among the favourites. The French women won the relay in Ruhpolding, and expectations are high for them. Like the team from Belarus, the Russians shouldn’t be underestimated either.


DSV team decimated

The German team is decimated. Vanessa Voigt, Denise Herrmann and Vanessa Hinz are not at the start. Franziska Preuss is still missing after her injury in December and a corona infection. Germany sends Anna Weidel, Franziska Hildebrand, Janina Hettich and Hanna Kebinger into the race. Kebinger recently celebrated her World Cup debut and is currently in fourth position.


Warm welcome!

Welcome to Anterselva. Here in South Tyrol, the women’s 4×6 km relay will take place at 3 p.m. As with the previous men’s mass start competition, the wind conditions are not easy.



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