Biathlon live: Antholz 12.5km mass start (women) in the live ticker | 01/23/2022 15:15


Stremous manages surprise

Alina Stremous (MDA) managed a big surprise: In the competition of the 30 best athletes, she was able to secure ninth place with two penalties. Hats off!


Wierer wins

Dorothea Wierer can even enjoy crossing the finish line and be happy about her first World Cup victory of the season. Alimbekava finishes behind them. Chevalier-Bouchet can be happy about the third place. Vanessa Voigt struggled on the final lap, but crossed the finish line in a strong seventh place. This is her best result! Hildebrand is 19th, 1:46 minutes behind. Häcki is 21st and finishes just two places ahead of Herrmann.

3:50 p.m

Wierer with a lead

Dorothea Wierer already has the goal in mind, that should be victory. Behind them the podium should also be taken.


Alimbekava overtaken

The Belarusian passes Chevalier-Bouchet. Wierer still holds the lead, but Alimbekava is getting closer. Voigt sticks to Reztsova.


Who wins?

Wierer takes the lead! The Italian goes Chevalier-Bouchet seems a bit tired, can she keep second place ahead of Alimbekava? Voigt has Tiril Eckhoff breathing down his neck in fifth place. In front of her runs Reztsova.


Fourth shooting

The voltage increases! Who can go to the last lap without making a mistake? Chevalier-Bouchet remains flawless, Wierer also goes out with her. Simon has to circle twice, Eckhoff too. Alimbekava was able to take third place with a flawless performance. Voigt remains flawless again and cleared all 20 targets today. That’s strong!


Wierer in fourth place

Dorothea Wierer also still has a good chance of getting on the podium. Braisaz-Bouchet is in front of her, but the gap between the two is just over five seconds on Eckhoff.


Eckhoff and Voigt without mistakes so far

Tiril Eckhoff was not yet satisfied with her season. So far she hasn’t made a single mistake. Can she attack today? She picks up the pace at the front. Chevalier-Bouchet can call.


Third shooting

Chevalier-Bouchet and Eckhoff get through without a mistake, as do Wierer and Voigt. Voigt leaves the shooting range in eighth place. Stremous from Moldova is holding up very well in tenth place.


Hildebrand makes up places

Franziska Hildebrand can make up two places on the track and is only 20 seconds behind the leader.


Voigt is doing well

Vanessa Voigt has to run her own race, but is doing very well so far. She hardly loses to the leading group. At the very front, Simon stumbles, but is able to avoid a fall.


France strong

Simon, Eckhoff, Alimbekava and Tandrevold lead the race. Then three French women follow. Voigt is in tenth place, Hildebrand five places behind. Vitozzi is still at the end of the field, followed by Hauser.


Second shooting

Russia’s Reztsova takes the lead just before the shooting range. However, Tiril Eckhoff and Julia Simon are the first to go out clean. Voigt and Hildebrand are also allowed to bypass the penalty loop. Reztsova had to do a penalty loop. Häcki came out in 22nd place. Herrmann remains flawless and can perhaps make up places on the track, for Hauser it is even further behind after a missed shot.


Hildebrand and Herrmann behind

Franziska Hildebrand is already a minute behind the leading group, Herrmann is even further behind. The Norwegians Eckhoff and Tandrevold are also represented in the leading group. The Russians are still doing well.


First twelve flawless

Twelve women completed the first shooting without a penalty loop. Hanna Sola continues to lead, Voigt holds up well in seventh place. Vitozzi, on the other hand, got off to a bad start: she didn’t hit a single target.


First shooting

Julia Simon leads the field to prone shooting. The French comes through without a mistake. Hauser has three penalties, Herrmann twice. Vanessa Voigt remains flawless, as does the Belarussians.


Herrmann takes the lead

Hanna Sola is also among the front runners. Apparently the pace is a bit too slow for Denise Hermann, she takes the lead and leads the closed field.


starting signal is given

The field goes together on the track. Alimbekava takes the lead.


Three minutes to start

The competition over 12.5 kilometers is about to start. With four shooting bouts, the race can be decided there, but also lost. We are looking forward to an exciting race!


Hacki there

Lena Häcki is also represented in the mass start. The Swiss had delivered a very good performance yesterday in the relay. Nevertheless, she only has outsider chances on the podium. The result on the shooting range will be decisive for them.


The German starters

Denise Herrmann and Vanessa Voigt traveled to Antholz especially for the mass start. Franziska Hildebrand has secured a starting place through good performances and completes the DSV trio. For Voigt and Herrmann it is important to regain self-confidence before the Olympics. Franziska Hildebrand, who is not allowed to travel to Beijing, will want to prove herself again.


The field

The top favorites are missing: Marte Olsbu Røiseland, the woman in yellow and the Öberg sisters would have been candidates for victory. This is the chance for others. Dzinara Alimbekava and Hanna Sola from Belarus are always good for top placings and are in brilliant condition. The French also want to have a say in the victory. Dorothea Wierer’s form is currently pointing upwards, you can be curious about her. The Russians are strong on the shooting range, and Lisa Theresa Hauser from Austria can also hope for a top placement.


The conditions

Fantastic conditions – bright sunshine and little wind – await the athletes. Everything is ready for the end of the Antholz weekend.


Warm welcome!

Welcome to Anterselva! The women’s mass start will take place here at 3:15 p.m. It is the last race before the Olympic Games in Beijing.


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