Biathlon legend rails against Olympic participant

Biathlon professional Valeria Vasnetsova currently has to sit out the Olympic Winter Games due to a corona infection. In an Instagram post, the Russian athlete complained about the catering in the quarantine hotel. But she has now received severe criticism from a real winter sports legend.

The corona pandemic is also causing numerous failures at the ongoing Winter Olympics in China. Valeria Vasnetsova from the Russian biathlon team got it. The 24-year-old tested positive upon arrival and has been in the quarantine hotel ever since.

Now Vasnetsova has criticized the culinary catering in an Instagram post. The biathlete posted a photo on her private account showing a warm box with a few pasta, sliced ​​potatoes, some meat and a sauce.

“I’ve been getting this for breakfast, lunch and dinner for five days now. I’ve lost a lot of weight and my bones are sticking out. I can’t eat anything else, I don’t know anything about my corona tests,” Vasnetsova complained about the conditions : “I only sleep all day because I don’t even have the strength to get out of bed. I only eat three handfuls of pasta a day because it’s just impossible to eat the rest of the food.”

Harsh criticism from Russia

There was not only support for the clear words in her homeland, but also criticism. Biathlon legend Alexander Tichonov in particular was not able to gain anything from Vasnetsova’s complaint – on the contrary.

“I would cut off Vasnetsova’s tongue for such complaints. At the 1980 Olympics, we lived in America like in a prison and nobody complained,” the 75-year-old railed against his compatriot on “Sport24”.

In addition, the four-time Olympic gold medal winner added: “She causes unrest in the team with her snot! You have to solve these problems in the team and not complain on the Internet! Because of you, the atmosphere in the team is at its lowest point!”

It is not yet known when Vasnetsova will be able to end her quarantine.


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