Biathlon: Laura Dahlmeier criticizes the Olympics in Beijing

The former biathlon dominator Laura Dahlmeier has harshly criticized the Winter Olympics in Beijing and the IOC’s award to the Chinese capital.

“I think Beijing is crazy because you don’t use existing facilities. That’s something we definitely have to change. That we pound new sports facilities out of the ground every four years in a different place for the Olympics, and after that they won’t more used, that’s no longer sustainable as a concept. But that’s a problem for the IOC,” said Dahlmeier “Mirror”.

The 28-year-old ex-ski hunter, who won two Olympic gold medals in her career, added: “The Chinese should and can do winter sports just like we do in Europe. Facilities have to be built for this. At the same time, it’s all pretty oversized. Man should take this into account in the future when awarding contracts – and perhaps oblige organizers to use the facilities for so many years instead of leaving concrete ruins behind after the games.”

Alpine route in Beijing “absolute no-go” for Laura Dahlmeier

An “absolute no-go” for her is the alpine route in Beijing, Dahlmeier stormed: “If I move a nature reserve so that winter sports facilities can be built there, it’s really no longer up to date.”

The overall biathlon World Cup winner from 2016/2017, who retired in 2019, campaigned for a completely new approach to the awarding of the Winter Games: “You could say there is one place per continent that you limit yourself to, and then it’s rotated. That would be at the beginning Of course, there’s a huge fight over who these regions are. But once it’s settled, maybe it would finally be about sport and the Olympic spirit again, and less about the award and any countries.”

Biathlon: Laura Dahlmeier wants sport “to be the focus”

Dahlmeier emphasized that she should see sport “more in focus” again. However, nothing holds back from an Olympic boycott. “I can understand that we have these big discussions around Beijing. But now the games are awarded and the athletes have trained for many years to do their best there. You don’t do the athletes justice if you boycott the games,” said the former biathlon superstar.

Dahlmeier enthused about her new life away from competitive sports: “I’m now in my 5th semester studying sports science at the Technical University of Munich. It’s fun for me to try my head again. Otherwise, I try to spend every free minute in the mountains, climbing, Cycling, ski touring. Being free, away from training schedules and competition structures. I really enjoy having more time.”


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