Ben Simmons could finish the season in Philadelphia

Ben Simmons’ future may not be resolved before the market closes. As reported by the journalist ESPN Ramona Shelburne, the 76ers player has been highly skeptical about an imminent exit given Daryl Morey’s desire to bring James Harden to the team in the summer.

The current shooting guard for the Brooklyn Nets can become a free agent after the end of the season if he rejects his player option for next year worth 47.4 million dollars. For their part, in Philly they will be above the salary limit during the 2022-23 campaign, so a sign and trade It is presented as the most practical way to incorporate Harden.

According to the same medium, the Nets have ruled out the transfer of their star in the middle of the season dispute, who, in addition, would have transferred his desire to continue to the franchise to the management. However, this scenario could be completely modified in line with the team’s own trajectory.

Simmons, meanwhile, hasn’t worn shorts for the 76ers since requesting the trade last August. A firm and immovable resolution, because just two weeks ago he shared his intention not to play for the entire season if he is not given an exit. A position that, so far, has cost him more than 19 million dollars in fines. Each game without playing means a loss of $360,000.

However, Simmons has already made it very clear that his desire is to continue his career in another franchise even if it costs him his entire salary.

(Cover photo by Tim Nwachukwu/Getty Images)

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