Ben Roethlisberger and his honesty ahead of the 2022 NFL Playoffs: “We don’t have a chance against Kansas City Chiefs”

Through the window, after achieving an agonizing victory on Day 18, Pittsburgh Steelers was classified to the Playoffs on the National Football League (NFL), and in the Wild Card Round will have to face Kansas City Chiefs, in what could be the last game in the career of Ben Roethlisberger.

It is that at 39 years old, the field marshal has assumed that as soon as the team’s participation in this instance ends, will definitely leave the grills, for the same reason, made a public call to his teammates in order to face the team commanded by patrick mahomes.

Along with admitting “probably we shouldn’t be here. We are probably not a good team, and it is that of the 14 qualified teams, we are the worst, Roethlisberger pointed out that “We’re underprivileged by double digits in the playoffs. So we’ll just play, have fun and see what happens.

Ben Roethlisberger’s brutal honesty ahead of the 2022 NFL Playoffs

When consulting him about the options available to steelmakers to continue advancing in the Postseason, Big Ben he was brutally honest and admitted that let’s go against the number one team. I know they are not the best seed, but have won the AFC the past two years, they are possibly the best team; We don’t have a chance, we’ll just play and have a good time.

It should be noted that in the NFL Playoffs, Roethlisberger has been on 11 occasions, winning two superbowl and has a positive historical record of 13 wins and nine losses, where he has completed 63 percent of his passes, to go 5,757 yards, with 34 touchdowns and 28 interceptions.


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