Bayern Munich | Nagelsmann trusts the bus driver

Julian Nagelsmann didn’t want to deal with the special topography of the various airports in and around Berlin.

“I get on the bus and get off again where it stops and get on the plane and then I fly home. I make sure I have my suitcase and my backpack with me,” said the Bayern Munich coach the sovereign 4: 1 at Hertha BSC. The bus driver will tell him when you have arrived at the right airport, the 34-year-old assured.

Nagelsmann could only guess that it was definitely an issue in the capital where the record German soccer champion landed and took off again. After all, the big BER, which Munich avoided after their failed flight to Qatar a year ago, and Hertha, which is desperately striving for size, have been unintentionally competing for first place in the local breakdown statistics for some time.

Departure in Schönhagen instead of at BER

By deliberately switching to the provincial airport in Schönhagen, almost 50 kilometers south of the Olympic Stadium, which is primarily used by hobby pilots and helicopter pilots, the international airport in Schönefeld was spared a Bavarian suitability test this time. “It may well be that it was due to last year’s departure to Qatar,” said Nagelsmann. At that time, the Bavarians had to sit on the runway all night in the plane.

The Munich team showed no mercy with Hertha. “Our players were extremely sharp in counter-pressing, so we put a lot of pressure on that,” said Nagelsmann, citing one of the best first halves of his tenure in Munich. The reward is six points ahead of the only remaining pursuer Borussia Dortmund.

Lewandowski without a goal in Berlin

More than the two goals per section by Corentin Tolisso and Thomas Müller as well as Leroy Sané and Serge Gnabry could easily have caused even more trouble in Berlin in the first and second half. “It was fun for 90 minutes,” said Joshua Kimmich. Supposedly just not Robert Lewandowski. According to reports, the record striker had to endure jokes from his colleagues in the dressing room in the first game after being named world footballer of the year again – this time personally goalless. Nagelsmann said he “couldn’t imagine that the Pole laughed along too much”.

The overambitious Lewandowski’s lack of self-irony is probably Bayern’s biggest problem at the moment. After the malaise with numerous corona infections has been overcome for the time being, Nagelsmann is looking in a good mood towards the Bundesliga break. 13 days until the next duel with his ex-club RB Leipzig on February 5 are very convenient for the 34-year-old.

“We’re happy that we can train normally. We’ve already had three weeks with reduced staff. Now everyone’s back,” said the Bayern coach. No trip will be made. Practice is done “dahoam” on Säbener Straße. “I wouldn’t say winter break. Training week is better,” said Nagelsmann about the unusual league break that begins for Bayern after landing in Munich.


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