Bayern Munich | Expert fears the end of the season for Alphonso Davies

As is well known, FC Bayern has to do without Alphonso Davies for several months. One expert even fears that the Canadian could no longer play for the record champions this season due to his heart muscle inflammation.

Nobody knows exactly how long Alphonso Davies will be missing from FC Bayern. It is clear that the record champions will have to do without their regular left-back for several months. There is also no question that Munich should not take the slightest risk in his case. For this reason, sports physician Csaba Losonc fears an even longer absence.

“Davies will probably need at least six weeks before he can start light training again,” Losonc explained in an interview with the Munich newspaper.AZ“. The early detection of myocarditis was “definitely good”, the doctor gave the record champions, Davies and the fans some hope.

At the same time, Losonc does not expect the full-back to return to team training before April. Accordingly, the Canadian “will need a long time to reach this level again. Perhaps,” the doctor continued, “he will be absent for the rest of the season.”

Special treatment for the Bayern star? Not quite

Before Davies can return to the pitch, everything has to be “checked very carefully”, explained Losonc: “He gets a heart ultrasound, which shows the flow in the heart. […] In addition, a lactate test is carried out, which shows how fit he is again.”

According to the doctor, this treatment is not unusual and is also available for “normal mortals”, but: “A professional footballer receives the diagnosis after a few days and countless tests, a hobby athlete after three months and various visits to the doctor. The speed is with diagnostics and therapy another.”


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