Baumgart criticizes spectator rules in the Bundesliga

Cologne’s coach Steffen Baumgart has once again clearly expressed his lack of understanding of the current spectator rules in sport.

“When I see that we have 750, they are all in one block. There are so many approaches where I say, okay, I don’t think many things are good,” said Baumgart on the TV station “Bild”. He lacks a clear reason why 750 people should be in a closed room and also in a large stadium.

Among other things, Baumgart has the financial effects of the low spectator capacities in mind – not only in football. “We let the clubs die with a reason that I can’t understand and that’s too simple for me,” said the FC coach in front of 750 spectators one day after his team’s 4-0 defeat against FC Bayern Munich. “Simply saying we’ll do it this way, then we’ll do it this way, is no justification.”

The 50-year-old also said: “You can recognize good guys and good people in the crisis and unfortunately I haven’t recognized them all yet.” You have to get better in many areas “to relieve the burden on nursing staff and hospitals”.

Baumgart explained with a view to the long Corona crisis: “Now after two years, I think it is difficult for most real clubs, which have nothing in the background, to absorb these losses. There are enough other clubs that can do this with greater security intercept in the background. We can’t do it. That’s how it is for a lot of second division teams, a lot of third division teams. That’s how it is for ice hockey players, that’s how basketball players are. He believes that more people can be allowed into both the stadiums and the halls.


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