Barca ‘feared’? Lewandowski deal allegedly threatened to fail

After FC Bayern gave the go-ahead, it was several days before Robert Lewandowski signed his contract with FC Barcelona, ​​which runs until 2026. The reason, according to the Spanish media: the property tax that applies in Catalonia. The problem was said to be so big that the deal almost fell through.

For 48 hours, the FC Barcelona leadership was “in fear” whether the signing of the contract with Robert Lewandowski might not burst after all. This is reported by the Spanish newspaper “Mundo Deportivo“.

That was the time between Monday’s arrival of the top scorer in the United States, where the Catalans are currently on a marketing tour, and Wednesday morning’s official announcement. Internally, there is said to have been “general confusion” at FC Barcelona as to why Lewandowski was not officially presented as a Barca player much earlier, according to the newspaper.

After the agreement with FC Bayern and Lewandowski, all that was missing was the signing of the contract for the world footballer. This should actually have taken place on Sunday evening or Monday morning. According to “Mundo Deportivo”, the reason for the delay was the property tax in Catalonia, which does not exist in other parts of the country such as the capital Madrid.

As a result, Lewandowski, who, according to the report, received tax advice from an old acquaintance from Barcelona, ​​has to pay an additional 2.5 percent in taxes. A circumstance that is said to have almost brought the entire conclusion of the contract to failure.

FC Barcelona sells further shares of the TV rights

In the end, however, Lewandowski signed his new four-year contract. After returning from Miami, the Polish national team captain will once again be officially presented at his home stadium.

On Friday afternoon, FC Barcelona meanwhile announced that it had signed a contract with Sixth Street. Barca sell another 15 percent of the club’s TV rights for the Spanish league. The company now holds a total of 25 percent of the TV rights for the next 25 years. As a result, the financially troubled club generates short-term income in the hundreds of millions.

It was not mentioned what amount Barcelona would receive for the additional 15 percent. According to Spanish media reports, the amount should be around 400 million euros.

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