Bach feels “new fire” for the Olympics in Germany

In the German Olympic Sports Confederation (DOSB), Thomas Bach senses a “new fire and a new enthusiasm” for the Olympic Games in Germany. He trusts the new DOSB leadership “that it will take on this topic and rekindle enthusiasm in the population,” said the President of the International Olympic Committee (IOC) on Friday at the “Legacy for Future” anniversary reception near Munich’s Olympic Park.

In the event of a possible new attempt at the Olympics in Germany, Bach says, “the memory of Munich ’72 can of course also help. It was 50 years ago that it was “excellent, happy, cosmopolitan games,” and a new Germany opened up then: “I I think those games were groundbreaking in that they radiated that cosmopolitanism, that global hospitality.”

Before that, it was difficult to imagine the Olympic Games in post-war Germany: “In this country, which was still struggling for international recognition and which then presented itself in a completely new light in Munich.” That is “the essence of the whole thing, what remains in the non-sports area”.

The memory of the terrorist attack does not have to be maintained, it is always there anyway, said the 68-year-old: “Anyone who saw these terrible pictures will never forget where they were when they heard the news. That’s something that burns into you.” That’s why it’s “important that you always think about it in order to have a preventive effect, so that hopefully something like this can never happen again”.

Bach would be very happy to experience the Olympic Games in Germany: “I would have been very happy if at least one Olympic award to Germany had been possible during my term of office.” He now hopes “that when the Olympics take place in Germany again, I’ll still be fit enough and will also be invited to follow the games as a fan”.

That could be the case at the earliest in 2036, 100 years after the Nazi propaganda games in Berlin. In 2024 the Olympics will take place in Paris, in 2028 in Los Angeles and in 2032 in Brisbane, Australia.

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