Australian Open | “Absolute idiot”: tennis bully Nick Kyrgios in the pillory

Nick Kyrgios polarizes the tennis scene like no other player. While the Aussie is loved by his fans, his critics often just shake their heads. Two colleagues even went one step further as part of the Australian Open.

Bad air Down Under: Nick Kyrgios has reached the doubles semifinals in Melbourne together with Thanasi Kokkinakis. After the narrow three-set victory (7: 5, 3: 6, 6: 3), the Australian was heavily criticized by his opponents. The trigger was Kyrgios’ controversial behavior on the pitch.

The 26-year-old has been known for his show performances for years and always seeks direct contact with the audience during his games. In any case, Tim Pütz and his doubles partner Michael Venus did not like Kyrgios’ performance and reacted with harsh words after their quarter-final elimination.

“If it’s just about entertainers and a good atmosphere, everything’s okay. He’s on a knife edge between being an entertainer and being over the top,” said Pütz: “What he then does in part between the first and second serve has nothing It has nothing to do with entertainment, it has nothing to do with being funny, it’s just unsportsmanlike.”

“He has the maturity of a 10-year-old”

In addition, the 34-year-old from Frankfurt added: “Tennis is entertainment and Kyrgios is good for the sport in many ways. As long as there are no real rules – my goodness, that’s how it is. That’s why I said mentally it was very exhausting. It’s wild out there.”

His partner Venus went much further. “He has the maturity of a 10-year-old. At the end of the day he’s just an absolute idiot,” said the New Zealander against his opponent. The verbal attack should not damage Kyrgios’ self-confidence.


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