Athletics: indoor championships with Malaika Mihambo

Long jump Olympic champion Malaika Mihambo will compete in her special discipline at the German Indoor Championships in Leipzig.

“The long jump will take place with Malaika,” said head national coach Annett Stein at a video press conference.

Overall, however, it is still difficult to assess the starting field for the title fights on February 26th and 27th, since the indoor season is only just beginning.

It is certain that hurdle sprinter Cindy Roleder wants to fight for the top positions at the German championships. The 32-year-old successfully started the season at the beginning of January, a year after the birth of her daughter, with a pentathlon victory in Halle/Saale. “It’s tingling again,” said Roleder, who came second in the 2015 World Cup. “I think it can get fast again.”

It was a challenge to come back after pregnancy, reported the athlete from SV Halle.

100 spectators allowed at the indoor DM

The national title fights in Leipzig, which are allowed to plan with 1000 visitors daily, take place three weeks before the world championships in the hall in Belgrade from March 18th to 20th. The highlights of the year are the Outdoor World Championships from July 15th to 24th in Eugene, USA and the European Championships in Munich (August 15th to 21st) which follow shortly thereafter.

Preparing for two competitions so close together is difficult, said Roleder. “You have to train smart and prepare smart.” Stein referred to the importance of the World Championships, against which German athletics must be measured, but also to the special nature of the European Championships in their own country.

“Of course we are interested in comparing ourselves on a global scale,” said Stein. “But the EM in your own country has a different dynamic and of course brings motivation and releases strength, which we see as significant advantages for performance development.”


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