At Glickenhaus, every cent goes into the hypercar

It has something of David against Goliath, privateer Glickenhaus’ fight against the Toyota and (newcomer) Peugeot plants in the 2022 WEC season. At least last year, the LMH prototype of the US enthusiast only held up to a limited extent with the Japanese hypercars With.

However, it was not due to a lack of commitment. Driver Richard Westbrook provides interesting insights in an interview with ‘Dailysportscar’. Accordingly, the motto of Glickenhaus was: Don’t make a mess, but pack big!

“It wasn’t a small budget. He spent a lot of money and I have to say that every single cent went into the car,” the experienced Briton makes absolutely clear. “Every single penny went into the car, and that was a lot of money.”

From a technical point of view, Glickenhaus relies on well-known partners: “Teams at Formula 1 level were involved. Sauber developed the aerodynamics, a former F1 designer designed the car. Podium, who are very clever, built the car. People get the impression that it was a budget team, but it wasn’t.”

The races in Portimao, Monza and Le Mans were respectable. In Portugal you were still 1.8 seconds behind the pole time, but in Italy you could already reduce this gap by more than half. In addition, Glickenhaus collected the first kilometers in the lead with the 007 LMH at the 6h Monza.

Glickenhaus partly without a chance in Le Mans: criticism of BoP

At the 24h Le Mans, the gap grew again, and under certain circumstances the vehicle lost a lot of ground to the competition. After the highlight of the WEC calendar, James “Jim” Glickenhaus criticized the balance of performance.

And Westbrook agrees: “As you know, we were all a little disappointed at Le Mans. We’re all racing drivers and we wanted to fight at the front and the gap to Toyota, especially in the rain and on a green track, was just closing large.”

“In the rain it was about 13 seconds and that’s just not right, that’s not fair in a BoP formula. I don’t want to go into BoP too much because it’s very difficult to reconcile the two different concepts but as the track developed, towards the end of the race the car felt really good.”

Glickenhaus finished fourth and fifth at the 24h Le Mans 2021, four and seven laps behind the victorious Toyota respectively.


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