Association defends the attractiveness of the handball championship

Despite numerous corona cases at the European Championship, the European Handball Federation (EHF) continues to see the sporting competition as a given.

“We see attractive games, we see incredibly beautiful stories from people who move up into the teams who would never have had a chance and who are now showing great things,” said EHF General Secretary Martin Hausleitner on “Deutschlandfunk”.

Nevertheless, “the best teams will win” at the tournament in Slovakia and Hungary, and that is foreseeable. “Therefore, the question of the attractiveness of the competition, of the feasibility of the competition, does not arise for us.” In the German team alone, 13 players have tested positive for Corona at the European Championships, which means that national coach Alfred Gislason had to nominate a number of players. Other nations are also complaining about numerous corona cases. A demolition of the EM is still not an issue.

“Nothing is impossible,” said Hausleitner when asked. “But the situation, and in coordination with everyone involved, does not allow the tournament to be canceled at the moment.” The Austrian also pointed out that in Germany, for example, the handling of the corona situation is different than in other European countries.

“We are of course a company that operates across Europe, which also has to reflect the sensitivities, needs and also the different attitudes towards Corona throughout Europe,” he said. “We cannot reduce ourselves to one nation’s point of view.”


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