Armand Duplantis wants world record and world title

Before the start of the season at the Karlsruhe Athletics Meeting, Olympic pole vault champion Armand Duplantis announced that he wanted to win the world title and world record this year.

“The world championships are big for me because I haven’t won the world title yet,” said the 22-year-old Swede. Maybe he could achieve title and world record in the same competition.

The World Championships will take place in the USA from July 15th to 24th, which is still a long way off for world record holder Duplantis. “My main focus right now is the indoor season,” he said.

He wants to be the first jumper to break the six meters in North Baden on Friday. “If nobody has jumped the six meters in Karlsruhe, then it’s about time,” said Duplantis.

After a difficult turn of the year, the German high jumper Marie-Laurence Jungfleisch also started gold at this station of the World Indoor Tour.

“The preparations were going quite well until I had Corona and Christmas was therefore canceled for a few days,” she said.

Long jump Olympic champion Malaika Mihambo is at the start in the sprint.


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