Are you following in the footsteps of Manning and Romo? The incredible amount of money offered to Tom Brady to be an analyst on TV

the field marshal Tom Brady announced a week ago his official retirement from the National Football League (NFL) After 22 successful seasons with New England Patriots Y Tampa Bay Buccaneers. The question everyone is asking now is what their next challenge will be.

One of the first conclusions is that he follows in the footsteps of several legendary QBs: Follow his path in the league, but as a broadcaster, commentator or television analyst. Tony Romo, Peyton Manning Y Troy Aickman They are some of the best known that today work in a chain.

The possibility of it ending up on TV seems to be growing, as according to Front Office Sports, GOAT has already received several offers and approaches from various channels. Among them are Fox Sports, ESPN and even Amazon have already shown interest.

The offer that Tom Brady would receive to appear on TV

With $18 million a year at CBS, Romo is the highest paid in the area of ​​sports analysts. One source predicted that if he wants to call games or analyze them from a studio, the deal for Brady, the NFL’s most important person, “It would be worth its weight in gold. The initial offer would be $20 million a year, and it could go up to $25M.”.

Tony Romeo. (Ethan Miller/Getty Images)

Eric Weinberger, former executive producer of the NFL Network, dropped another bombshell.I feel like Disney should at least try to get it. Give you a huge deal, to do the Monday Night Footballs with a big star as a narratorWeinberger mentioned.


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