Anthony Smith’s UFC 277 goal is “World title or die trying”

Anthony Smith go back to activity on the pay-per-view part of UFC 277 in a light heavyweight challenger’s suit versusMagomed Ankalaev While Smith believes a sway the difficult Dagestani suffices to secure a title shot, he desires a definitive coating for himself, as well as to silence the skeptics.

In a brand-new meeting with ESPN’s Brett Okamoto, Smith in-depth his way of thinking entering this crucial defend the 205 extra pound department.

“I think people, they look at the 50 fights, they look at the losses and maybe overlook me a bit. I’m 20-5 in my last 25 fights, three of those losses are to champions or title contenders. The strength of schedule is three times harder than Ankalaev has ever fought. I’ve got a lot of respect for that guy, but I’m not coming in to squeak out a win. I’m coming in to take his head. I need a finish and that’s what I’m looking for.”

What a KO! Absolute supremacy by Anthony Smith!

There’s a great deal of possible challengers for present light heavyweight champJiri Prochazka Jan Blachowicz has actually been requiring a ‘Battle for Europe,’ while Prochazka has actually requested for a rematch versusGlover Teixeira Anthony Smith is laser concentrated on winning the 205 extra pound belt, as well. He stated:

“The title is the only thing that’s left. That’s it. I’ll never be happy, I’ll never be able to sleep well at night until I win a title. I’ve been saying that for years: world title or die tryin’, I don’t want to be doing this s*** when I’m 55. So that’s why this fight is so important, that’s why I’ve worked so hard, pushed so hard.”

Watch Anthony Smith review his UFC 277 battle versus Magomed Ankalaev listed below:


Anthony Smith vs. Magomed Ankalaev is aNo 1 challenger battle unless it’s “a stinker and it sucks”

There’s a great deal of boxers on top of the light heavyweight department that desire a title fired versus present champJiri Prochazka None of them has actually placed a strong stamp on the primary challenger area, however.

Glover Teixeira simply shed to Prochazka, as well as Jan Blachowicz beat Aleksandar Rakic off a fluke knee injury. That leaves the door open for the champion of the Anthony Smith vs. Magomed Ankalaev battle at UFC 277.

In a current meeting with MIXED MARTIAL ARTS Fighting, Smith stated:

“Well Dana has already said that this is the number one contender fight. So winner gets a title shot. I think the fact that they haven’t re-booked Glover [Teixeira] vs Jiri [Prochazka] or Jan Blachowicz vs Jiri, I think that’s them waiting to see what happens with [Magomed] Ankalaev and I. If we have a stinker and it sucks, I think they’ll slide one of those guys in.”

Smith took place to advise audiences that he’s remained in one boring battle in his entire job, so he had not been as well concerned aobut that opportunity. However, Ankalaev has actually confirmed he’s greater than delighted to reduce a battle down to an uncomfortable work if that’s what it requires to win.

Magomed Ankalaev states he deliberately dragged his battle with Thiago Santos to the scorecards.Full tale:


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