Alpine skiing live: Kvitfjell Super G in the live ticker | 03/06/2022 11:00


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Daniel Danklmaier (AUT)

The slope is still in optimal condition and would definitely allow for surprises. Daniel Danklmaier can’t benefit from that, especially in the rather flat middle part, he gets the decisive time deficit and thus misses a place in the top ten.


Nils Allegre (FRA)

With the absolutely highest speed of all previous starters, Nils Allegre races over the upper section of the slope. As a result, the Frenchman also made no visible mistakes, who only lost a top result after the last split and only sorted himself into 15th place.


Trevor Phillip (CAN)

Trevor Philp actually comes from the technical field, but the Canadian is also gradually approaching the top of the world in Super-G. But of course he has problems with this fast course setting and does not get past 13th place.


Christian Walder (AUT)

After a short break, Christian Walder is allowed to go out on the track. Without the last risk, however, the Austrian can do nothing at all. Almost two seconds down on the best time, Walder ended up far behind at the bottom of the rankings.


Johan Clarey (FRA)

The second failure follows immediately! On a left turn, Johan Clarey leans in too far and loses pressure on the outside ski. The 41-year-old Frenchman hit the safety net, but fortunately he quickly got back on his own feet and apparently was not injured in the fall.


Brodie Seger (CAN)

Can Brodie Seger deliver a performance similar to teammate James Crawford? No, he can’t do that either! On a bump in the middle section of the track, the Canadian is lifted out, who accordingly drives past the following gate and causes the first retirement of this race.


Broderick Thompson (CAN)

The next Canadian puts Aleksander Aamodt Kilde’s best time in jeopardy! By the second split, Broderick Thompson is lightning fast and within touching distance of the best time. But then he increasingly loses the thread and a second, which is why he falls back to twelfth place.


Adrian Smiseth Sejersted (NOR)

The starting group of the top 20 is completed by Adrian Smiseth Sejersted, the second Norwegian. The 27-year-old is also doing well in the race, only a tactical error after the second split prevents an absolute top time. But Sejersted is also extremely satisfied with seventh place in the finish area.

11:40 a.m

James Crawford (CAN)

The Canadian speed team made a particularly strong impression on this day. Will James Crawford continue the winning streak? Yes, what an achievement! An outstanding middle section even gave the Canadian the intermediate best time. Very courageously, he also completes the following key sections and only loses the possible lead on the final meters. Nevertheless, Crawford celebrates second place!


Christoph Innerhofer (ITA)

In what is now his 15th World Cup season, Christof Innerhofer should know every bump in Kvitfjell by heart. However, the South Tyrolean cannot benefit from this, as he is far too careful on his skis and is therefore constantly losing time. In 13th place he ended up just ahead of Josef Ferstl.


Raphael Haaser (AUT)

In the downhills, Raphael Haaser surprisingly didn’t make it into the red-white-red squad, now the 24-year-old can play again. The Austrian does not find the best way and sometimes deviates far from the ideal line. The following speed loss results in a large time deficit of 1.80 seconds.


Romed Baumann (GER)

Most recently, Romed Baumann was looking for his best form, which is why he was usually no longer in the top ten. The German starter can’t attack the best times again, but thanks to a passable drive, Baumann at least moves up to sixth position, as he can keep his gap of less than a second within limits.


Beat Feuz (SUI)

Almost traditionally, Beat Feuz is a bit weaker in the Super-G than in the downhill. Of course, the fast course setting today suits the Swiss, who can show off his gliding abilities, especially in the middle section. But then Feuz loses two tenths in the last few meters, which is why he falls off the podium.

11:30 a.m

Blaise Giezendanner (FRA)

In Beijing, Blaise Giezendanner scraped a medal but ended up in the thankless fourth place. Can he get revenge in Norway? No, the Frenchman can’t do that by a long shot. Giezendanner is in ninth place, 1.40 seconds behind, after a rather uncertain journey overall.


Matthias Mayer (AUT)

Olympic champion Matthias can also handle the Norwegian snow, as he proved on Friday when he finished third in the downhill. At all intermediate times, the Austrian is once again on par with Aleksander Aamodt Kilde. Before the finish slope, he is only two tenths short of the best time, but Mayer can only nibble off eight hundredths of that.


Stefan Rogentin (SUI)

Despite a good starting number, Stefan Rogentin, who is still waiting for his first podium in the World Cup, is more of an outsider. After a jump, the Swiss has some trouble and just barely gets the following goal. All in all, however, it is a solid ride that puts him in fifth place in the intermediate classification at the same time as Andreas Sander.


Andreas Sander (GER)

After the first short break in preparation, Andreas Sander is fighting against the weak form that has now lasted for weeks. The German is currently lacking the all-important conviction on the boards, which is why he cannot generate an optimal pace at the beginning. In the lower part of the slope, however, Sander improves again, which is why he sorts himself into fifth position.


Dominik Paris (ITA)

The downhill on Saturday ended for Dominik Paris with his 21st career World Cup victory and his second win this winter. Can the South Tyrolean follow suit now? No! From the start he sometimes gets off the perfect line. Although Paris is within striking distance again in the middle section of the course, they cannot beat Aleksander Aamodt Kilde’s time. Nevertheless, he is rightly happy about second place!


Marco Odermatt (SUI)

In a long-distance duel against Aleksander Aamodt Kilde and the small crystal ball, Marco Odermatt pushes himself powerfully onto the slopes! However, on the course, which is more like a downhill, the Swiss cannot show off his excellent qualities. Instead, Odermatt made several serious mistakes that dropped him to seventh place.


Matthieu Bailet (FRA)

In recent years, Matthieu Bailet has established himself as a real grab bag with all the ups and downs that go with it. The Frenchman is doing quite well today, but then he still makes a mistake in the lower part and gives away valuable meters. Then it’s back to fourth place for Bailet.


Aleksander Aamodt Kilde (NOR)

Now things are getting serious for local hero and top favorite Aleksander Aamodt Kilde, who is aiming for his fourth Super-G win of the season! The Norwegian is already clearly ahead at the first intermediate time, then he really revs up and pulls away for more than half a second. Ultimately, Kilde races across the finish line at the highest speed and distances Vincent Kriechmayr by 73 hundredths.


Josef Ferstl (GER)

Yesterday Josef Ferstl still raced into the top ten with a higher starting number, does he still benefit from the new self-confidence today? Unfortunately not, because the German has the slowest pace of all runners, especially in the flat section. In the lower section of the route, Ferstl can no longer correct this disadvantage and only ends up in fourth place.


Vincent Kriechmayr (AUT)

Of course, reigning world champion Vincent Kriechmayr can always be expected to achieve an absolute top result. Above all, the choice of line suits the Austrian, so he continuously expands his cushion over the entire run. Kriechmayr only loses a few hundredths on the final slope, but saves the lead to the finish.


Max Franz (AUT)

On the past two days, Max Franz was not able to cope with the Norwegian snow and ended up in the lower midfield. The Austrian doesn’t manage to unpack the necessary sensitivity again and therefore has no chance against Ryan Cochran-Siegle. Franz finally ranks in third place.


Ryan Cochran-Siegle (USA)

Now it will be clear for the first time what Travis Ganong’s ride is worth as the Olympic silver medalist catapults himself out of the starting gate! The second American keeps his boards tight in the upper part of the course and also makes a good impression afterwards. In the end, Ryan Cochran-Siegle is 43 hundredths faster than his teammate.


Gino Caviezel (SUI)

In the two descents, Gino Caviezel wasn’t able to move. Can he defy the cold start and attack Travis Ganong’s time? No, because the fast conditions on the slopes don’t suit the Swiss at all. Instead, Caviezel is a few tenths down at every split.


Travis Ganong (USA)

In Kvitfjell, Travis Ganong will open the penultimate Super-G of the season at the end of the World Cup weekend! The very direct course setting should rather play into the hands of the downhill specialists, including the experienced American. Ganong masters all the key points without any discernible mistakes and sets the first benchmark after a driving time of 1:27.34 minutes.

10:40 a.m

Several chances of victory for Switzerland

The Swiss team once again relies on hopeful Marco Odermatt (start number 9), who was the only athlete in this Super-G season to beat the dominator Aleksander Aamodt Kilde in a race. In addition, the 24-year-old wants to force a final preliminary decision on the overall World Cup. Gino Caviezel (2), Stefan Rogentin (12) and Beat Feuz (15) are also aiming for a top position. The Confederates also have Justin Murisier (28), Ralph Weber (32), Niels Hintermann (34), Lars Rösti (38), Gilles Roulin (46) and Josua Mettler (49).


Mayer leads the ÖSV squad

With Matthias Mayer (start number 13), the Austrian Ski Association has the new Olympic champion in the Super-G in its own ranks, who is again a possibility for a place on the podium. The same applies to Max Franz (4), world champion Vincent Kriechmayr (5) and Raphael Haaser (17). Four more athletes complete the ÖSV team with higher numbers, with Christian Walder (24), Daniel Danklmaier (27), Stefan Babinsky (30) and Otmar Striedinger (42) hoping that the slope will last a long time.


DSV wants to be in the top ten

In the two previous descents, Josef Ferstl (start number 6) and Simon Jocher (29) each made it into the top ten runners, such a result is the minimum goal for the German Ski Association in today’s Super-G. For the rest of the team, however, the competitions in Kvitfjell had been rather mixed up to that point. In addition to Romed Baumann (16), Andreas Sander (11) and Dominik Schwaiger (52) are currently looking for their best form.


The Norwegian top favourite

On the home track, Aleksander Aamodt Kilde wants to take the next step towards winning the small crystal globe. The Norwegian was able to win three of the four Super-G competitions this winter, which means he is 61 points ahead of the Swiss Marco Odermatt in the discipline ranking and will again be the favorite in the race. In third position, Matthias Mayer from Austria still has a theoretical chance, but is already 90 points behind.

10:00 a.m


Have a wonderful good morning and welcome to the Men’s Alpine World Cup in Kvitfjell! The speed weekend in Norway ends with the penultimate Super-G of the season. At 11 a.m. the first runner will leave the start house.



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