Alpine skiing live: Kvitfjell descent in the live ticker | 05.03.2022 11:30


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12:50 p.m

Kjetil Jansrud (NOR)

A very big one hangs up the skis! The Norwegian is ending his career and could not have wished for a nicer farewell. All drivers have lined up in the finish area and applaud their colleagues. Of course, the home fans are also over the moon.

12:47 p.m

The top 30 are below!

The first 30 riders have now crossed the finish line. There probably isn’t much going on at the top now. Of course, we will get back to you immediately if there are any interesting developments!

12:46 p.m

Bostjan Kline (SLO)

Kline doesn’t do badly either. The Slovenian is in 17th place.


Josef Ferstl (GER)

Very strong! Josef Ferstl himself looks in disbelief at the scoreboard, which shows a big “nine”. With a great final sprint, Ferstl makes it into the top ten at least for the time being!


Andreas Sander (GER)

A shaky ride from Sander, who has some very neat passages but keeps losing the line. Ultimately, that’s enough for 21st place for the German.

12:40 p.m

Maxence Muzaton (FRA)

After some runners have now sorted themselves quite far behind, Maxence Muzaton now shows a great run. The Frenchman is racing up to seventh and is on the verge of claiming his best result of the season.

12:37 p.m

Simon Jocher (GER)

Jocher drove to a strong seventh place yesterday and also benefited from better conditions. Today, however, it is only enough for the German to place 21.


Martin Cater (SLO)

Slowly but surely, important World Cup points are at stake here in order to qualify for the World Cup finals next week. However, Martin Cater will struggle to score many points as the Slovenian is penultimate.


Stefan Rogentin (SUI)

Dissatisfaction also with Stefan Rogentin! At the finish, the Swiss is almost three seconds behind the leader and this time is only enough for 20th place.


Matthieu Bailet (FRA)

Bailet goes even further behind. The Frenchman slips several times, especially in the upper part. In the end, it was only enough for 17th place and Bailet looked correspondingly dissatisfied at the finish.

12:30 p.m

Cameron Alexander (CAN)

Yesterday’s surprise winner can’t repeat his success! The Canadian has to be satisfied with 13th place.


Mattia Cassé (ITA)

Casse starts fast but flies off in an early turn. At over 100 km/h he slides into the safety fence, which fortunately serves its purpose, just like the airbag carries the cash. Not much seems to have happened to the Italian!


James Crawford (CAN)

Hintermann has just shown that something is possible despite the poor visibility. Crawford can’t quite follow that, but still ends up in 12th place.


Niels Hintermann (SUI)

Yesterday’s winner goes into the race with a very broad chest and starts off strong! The Swiss can’t quite keep up the pace, but gets on the podium! He shares third place with teammate Beat Feuz!


Christoph Innerhofer (ITA)

Innerhofer starts this race feeling stricken and doesn’t drive completely free either. The veteran is in 13th position.


Johan Clarey (FRA)

The lighting conditions are also a bit worse in this phase than at the beginning. It is not known whether Clarey was bothered by that, but the Frenchman “only” drives to the ten.

12:08 p.m

Otmar Striedinger (AUT)

The same applies to Striedinger, who is missing 6 km/h on the top in the first speed measurement. So there is no more in it for the Austrian than 12th place.

12:07 p.m

Marco Odermatt (SUI)

Odermatt shakes his head as he looks at the scoreboard. The Swiss is not satisfied with ninth place. The Swiss had to struggle, especially in the upper section of the route.


Bryce Bennett (USA)

Bennett cannot confirm the good performances of his two teammates. The US-American has a huge deficit early on and even falls back to 12th place at the finish.


Matthias Mayer (AUT)

The Olympic silver medalist in the downhill can’t quite call up his potential today. From time to time the Austrian loses time and finally only the “seven” lights up at the finish.

12:00 p.m

Dominik Schwaiger (GER)

Schwaiger goes into the race with a lot of courage, but has a few wobbles in his ride. So it is only enough for eleventh place for the German.


Vincent Kriechmayr (AUT)

Kriechmayr is on course to at least get on the podium here, but he loses direction slightly on the last jump and so he misses important meters in the final part. Fifth place for the Austrian!


Daniel Danklmaier (AUT)

After a good start, Danklmaier falls back quickly. The Austrian couldn’t find a good line and so he only managed ninth place.


Dominik Paris (ITA)

Wow! What a run from Paris! The Italian finds his rhythm early and carries that momentum throughout the race. Paris not only pushes ahead of Kilde, he even takes half a second off the Norwegian’s outstanding drive!


Ryan Cochran-Siegle (USA)

The American has slight problems in the middle and not the best line. Ultimately, he lacks this time to at least slip into second place. So he lines up behind Feuz on the three.


Beat Feuz (SUI)

Very strong ride from Beat Feuz! He hardly makes any mistakes either, but has a little less speed than Kilde. Accordingly, it is not enough for the Swiss to lead, he places himself on second place behind the Norwegian.


Travis Ganong (USA)

Getting dangerous here will be difficult for all runners. Travis Ganong does his job very well, especially in the lower part, and can at least line up behind the leader on the second.


Aleksander Aamodt Kilde (NOR)

The best downhill skier this winter comes with a lot of self-confidence. Kilde takes a lot of risks and is rewarded for it. The Norwegian smashes the times of the competition and takes the lead with a one-second lead. Was that already the victory ride for the local heroes?


Matteo Marsaglia (Italy)

Marsaglia already had problems in the upper part yesterday and is slipping at this point again today. The time is gone, but at least he finishes the run, one can still hope for World Cup points with a deficit of 1.5 seconds.


Daniel Hemetsberger (AUT)

The next Austrian follows! Daniel Hemetsberger is doing well in the downhill this winter and confirms this impression today! In the upper section he builds up a good lead that he can hold onto the finish line.


Romed Baumann (GER)

In his 325th World Cup sport, Baumann makes an improved impression compared to yesterday. The German is much calmer and safer on the road and is taking the lead for the time being.


Max Franz (AUT)

The Austrian makes the start and crosses the finish line without making any major mistakes. The next runners will show what this time is ultimately worth.


Jocher surprised!

From a German point of view, Dominik Schwaiger and Romed Baumann should have been on the agenda for this weekend, after all, both are among the top 20 downhill skiers this season. Yesterday, however, someone else drew attention to himself: Simon Jocher had a strong run in seventh place and will go into today’s race with a lot of confidence.


Who is trumping today?

The ÖSV can also look back on two victories this winter. Matthias Mayer and Vincent Kriechmayr brought home a downhill victory for Austria, but some ÖSV starters are eligible for another success. With Daniel Hemetsberger, Otmar Striedinger and Max Franz there are at least three other runners in the top 12 of the downhill World Cup.


Will you succeed next?

In yesterday’s descent, Niels Hintermann was able to be celebrated as the winner of the race at the same time. After Beat Feuz was able to be celebrated as the winner on the Streif, is it the Confederates’ second success in a row? Will the Swiss succeed again today? In addition to the two winners, Marco Odermatt has at least one other hot iron in the fire.

10:40 a.m


Good morning and hello to the Kvitfjell departure! After the men threw themselves down the piste yesterday in the replacement run, the regular downhill race continues today at 11:30 a.m.!



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