Alpine skiing live: Cortina d’Ampezzo downhill (women) in the live ticker | 22.01.2022 11:30


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Jasmine Flury (SUI)

Sofia Goggia made the biggest mistakes in the middle section, where the intermediate times are usually good on solid runs – some athletes even catch up. Because there are too many tenths at the top and bottom, not only Jasmine Flury is no longer able to place well.

12:10 p.m

Tamara Tippler (AUT)

Last season Tippler was Austria’s top downhill skier, but this winter she’s struggling to find her form from last year. Her position on the ski is not optimal, she is currently not gliding strongly enough. 17th place elicits a desperate and clueless shrug of the shoulders at the finish.

12:09 p.m

Priska Nufer (SUI)

On the other hand, there was no surprise from Priska Nufer, although the Swiss made a decent appearance on the “Trofana”. It’s enough for eleventh place. By the way: Weidle is still in the top ten in ninth place.

12:07 p.m

Ester Ledecka (CZE)

The Czech has often been able to surprise with her rides and today Ledecká also brings a great run down. She rides soft and fast all the way but still manages to keep a good line. That won’t be enough for the lead, but a podium finish could be in the cards. And indeed: Ester Ledecká pushed Corinne Suter off the podium by four seconds.


Marta Bassino (ITA)

The giant slalom expert just doesn’t weigh that much. That’s actually a big disadvantage in today’s wind conditions, plus she uses the edges too hard. No chance to attack in front.


Elena Curtoni (ITA)

Especially at the top, some athletes approached the curves too directly and may have underestimated the speed in the shortened descent. So they are sometimes worn far outwards, Goggia also makes this mistake.

12:00 p.m

Nicol Delago (ITA)

Sofia Goggia is in the lead, but apart from the exceptional driver, it is a disappointing performance by the Italians in their home town of Cortina. Nicol Delago places just slightly ahead of her weakly driven sister Nadia. Two more Italians follow and can polish up the balance sheet.


Kira Weidle (GER)

Second place – that was at last year’s World Championships in Cortina d’Ampezzo just like in the last descent in Zauchensee, a good omen? Weidle starts weak at the top, is pushed down a few times due to a weak line choice – seven tenths behind. She then catches the middle part perfectly and has the best split time, is there a chance to catch up? No, she even loses again below and ranks in eighth place. The German is not satisfied with that and hits her helmet a few times. Pity!


Ilka Stuhec (SLO)

The Slovenian is not in top form and cannot attack up front today either. Her upper body is not always very stable and she is currently eighth, just under a second behind.


Nadia Delago (ITA)

In the shadow of the great Sofia Goggia, one of the two Delago sisters has become a fixture of the Italian team this year. Nadia Delago is still driving sensitively today, but is constantly losing time due to an expandable line and is far behind today.


Ragnhild Mowinckel (NOR)

Sofia Goggia is leading again, but today she completed a run that was beatable due to a few mistakes. So can Weidle and co. attack this ride? Maybe even the Norwegian Mowinckel? No, it doesn’t make any major mistakes, but it’s still too slow.


Corinne Suter (SUI)

The slope is not easy to drive today, many bumps and small bumps make the “Trofana” a difficult undertaking despite good ground visibility. Suter is doing well with it, briefly losing control at the same point as Brignone, but recovering much faster. She crossed the finish line just three tenths down.


Federica Brignone (ITA)

The next Italian is on the way. And just like her teammate, she shows a wild ride, is almost thrown off the “Trofana” by a bump in the traverse just before the finish. She can only just stay on the skis, but has to use the edge a lot and loses speed. So she can no longer get involved in the front.


Sofia Goggia (ITA)

Will it be the speed queen’s next gala? The red jersey starts off strong at the top, then loses control of the outside ski and has to turn a bit. She’s still clearly ahead in the first split, but the mistake only becomes apparent afterwards, doesn’t it? No, Goggia still stays in front and takes the lead despite a few mistakes. That surprised her at the finish herself, the 29-year-old couldn’t help but be amazed.


Marie Michele Gagnon (CAN)

Failed appearance of the Canadian! She throws in a few mistakes from top to bottom, sometimes sits too far back and thus loses pressure on the shovel. In addition, the choice of line is weak, Gagnon keeps driving far out of the curves – that was nothing!

11:40 a.m

Lara Gut-Behrami (SUI)

The winner of the last descent catapults herself out of the start house! By the way, the beginning is quite flat, so a few skating steps are necessary to build up speed. On the steep slope before the second timing, she has a lot of headwind due to a gust, and that will also be a factor today. She makes a mistake shortly after that, down there it’s a good journey again. At the finish she is a little at a loss as to why she was about half a second behind.


Christine Scheyer (AUT)

The first five athletes all come from the Alpine nations of Austria and Switzerland. Can Christine Scheyer keep up with her compatriots Puchner and especially Siebenhofer? No, she rarely dares to squat down and does some passages upright, that shouldn’t have been the case. Scheyer takes over the red lantern with a clear deficit.


Ramona Siebenhofer (AUT)

Siebenhofer doesn’t use the edges too much and therefore has a lot of traction on the skis. Despite a slight mistake due to a too strong inner layer, she is therefore expanding the lead – also thanks to a very direct choice of line. She is therefore the new leader at the finish line.


Michelle Gisin (SUI)

The second starter comes from Switzerland and shows what is important in the strong wind, especially in the upper sections: Bring weight, make it small! In the first two split times, she widens the lead over Puchner and has to save about four tenths to the finish. But she can’t do that, because Puchner has presented a strong line below.


Miriam Puchner (AUT)

The Austrian is the first to set off. The light-shadow changes will not be easy to cope with, as Puchner shows right from the start when she twists her upper body a little. With the shortened start, a sprint descent is mastered today, the athletes only need a little more than a minute on the way down. In the lower sections, Puchner is more error-free and marks the first time at 1:07.35.


Start shortened

It’s snowing in Kitzbühel, the sun is shining in the southern Italian Alps. But appearances are a bit deceptive, the wind is almost howling under the blue sky, which is why the start was moved down a bit to the Super G start. In a few seconds the race can begin!


Goggia and the missing Johnson

The other favourites? Are limited to two names in particular: Sofia Goggia and Breezy Johnson. The Italian Goggia has so far dominated her competition at will, winning the last seven downhill runs that she finished across the seasons. Having crashed in the last race but luckily is doing well, she has now failed to finish on top of one competition this season. In the first three races, Breezy Johnson always stood behind her, the American will not be able to repeat that today, because after a crash yesterday, she is not involved.


Swiss hopes rest on Gut-Behrami and Suter

In the Swiss ski association Swiss-Ski, two downhill skiers have made it into the top three this season. Corinne Suter was third in Lake Louise, Lara Gut-Behrami was the only athlete in Zauchensee who was faster than Weidle. Thanks to somewhat more consistent performances to date, Suter is also third in the discipline rankings, Gut-Behrami has caught up in big steps with the last win. Nothing follows for a long time, Jasmine Flury, Priska Nufer and co. are among the starters with outsider chances in the nine-strong team of the Confederates.


ÖSV riders in wait

Since the first two places in the first three races always went to the same athletes, the Austrians had to be content with third place in the current season, which they were able to wear red-white-red in three of the four downhill runs. Two times Mirjam Puchner and once Ramona Siebenhofer were happy about the podium. Christine Scheyer can also ride up front, while Stephanie Venier and Tamara Tippler are still looking for form this winter. As always, a broad ÖSV team gets by with eleven athletes today.


Will Weidle confirm top result?

Actually, it wasn’t Kira Weidle’s season yet. Two top ten finishes in Lake Louise, Canada, were followed by weaker performances, but mostly in their weaker speed discipline Super G. However, very few expected the podium finish in Zauchensee. She also made a big leap in the discipline ranking and is currently seventh. The starting number on her chest will be 13 today, the young Katrin Hirtl-Stanggassinger is the second German starter and will probably (still) ride in the rear.


Warm welcome

Good day and welcome to the Alpine Women’s Downhill in Cortina d’Ampezzo! At 11:30 a.m. the first athletes will make their tracks in the snow, then it is up to Kira Weidle to repeat the strong performance in Zauchensee that was crowned with second place.



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