Almost 1,000 kilometers at the Lausitzring: heat test for ByKolles-Vanwall

It had been quiet around the Vanwall Vandervell LMH for a while. After the rollout in Most, which was immediately used for an extensive test, the team went through around 20 different FIA tests.

Now the Le Mans hypercar is rolling again – and how: In a test with an outside temperature of almost 40 degrees Celsius, the bolide unwound more than 900 kilometers.

Colin Kolles and Head of Operations Boris Bermes both speak to ‘’ of a very successful test. “We’re surprised ourselves, to be honest,” says Kolles.

“The car drives and drives and drives – lap after lap, even at 40 degrees. We have now completed around 1,800 kilometers and have not had a single technical problem.”

Bermes adds: “The heat was very welcome. We now know that our cooling systems are working well. We should now be well prepared for conditions like in Bahrain or earlier in Austin.”

Tom Dillmann drove the test single-handedly and thus completed an extreme program himself. He didn’t make a single mistake on his part.

Next tests are already planned

Numerous new components in the areas of aerodynamics, electronics and software were tested. In addition, reliability tests were carried out with different materials on different areas.

The car was only in the pits for scheduled pit stops and set-up changes. It was about understanding how the car reacts to different wing positions. Long runs of 25 laps were also completed.

The bolide, which is powered by a 4.5-liter V8 naturally aspirated engine with around 700 hp, will be tested further in the coming weeks.

“We’re going to Oschersleben next week,” confirms Kolles. In August, the team will take a break for the general holiday season before testing resumes in September.

Would it be conceivable to start the Bahrain 8 Hours like Porsche did? “It doesn’t depend on us,” said the 54-year-old.

“We did our job and built the car. I don’t think we have to hide from the others, neither from Toyota, nor from Peugeot or Porsche. I know that we have a good product.”

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