Alex Rodríguez will have a TV program in MLB 2022: It will be similar to Peyton Manning in NFL

After 22 years of experience as a player in the Major League Baseball (MLB), being featured in teams like New York Yankees, shortstop Alex Rodriguez He spent four seasons as a television analyst, a job he will do again in 2022.

It is that the player of Dominican descent will return to the small screen, and specifically to the chain ESPN, where he will be part of the staff of commentators for the next harvest, and will have its own program during the games of the Sunday Night Baseball.

Rodríguez will work Sunday nights alongside the veteran narrator Michael Kay, in a space similar to the one currently carried out by the brothers Eli and Peyton Manning, Monday nights to comment on the NFL, with resounding success in tune.

Alex Rodríguez will have a TV program in MLB 2022

According to the international signal, A-Rod will be part of parallel program that will broadcast ESPN2 To the central signal of the Sunday night game, where it will feature special guests, as well as fantasy baseball and predictive elements.

But it will not be everything, because in addition Rodríguez will participate in two games of the 2022 season as part of ESPN’s staff of analysts, joining another MLB legend as the five-time champion of World Series, David cone, in the team.

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