A trade?: LeBron James answers how Russell Westbrook’s problem is solved in Lakers

Los Angeles Lakers is back with a .500 mark (same number of wins and losses) in the season NBA 2021-22 and, after a new fall, Russell Westbrook He was once again on the critics’ wall for a bad performance. Lebron James tried to save him, but…

Sacramento Kings defeated the Lakers 125-116 and Westbrook barely scored 8 points on 2-of-14 shooting from the field. to continue with a bad streak that has him in the eye of the hurricane. Russell already started to solve a problem in his game, but another unexpected one appeared.

Westbrook records fewer and fewer turnovers, just two in the last three games after averaging 4.5 per game, but now the problem has come when it comes to putting the ball in the basket. Almost nothing, no! Russell has a hard time at Los Angeles Lakers.

“The word slump (bad streak) is not something I learned… I’ll figure it out and that’s it”, he claimed Russell Westbrook about how badly he’s shooting. Lebron James He also gave his opinion on the subject and was blunt about what Russ has to do if he wants to improve in the Lakers.

LeBron answers how the Westbrook problem is solved in the Lakers

“Just keep working.. He’s having a really good shooting perspective, but they just don’t land (the shots).” he claimed Lebron James to reveal that Russell Westbrook’s problem in the Los Angeles Lakers it is resolved not with an exchange, but with work and more work.


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