A piece of paper: Dallas Cowboys fans throw objects at their players and referees after defeat in the NFL Playoffs

This Sunday afternoon, in a match with an exciting ending, Dallas Cowboys fell 23-17 to San Francisco 49ers for the Wild-Card round of the Playoffs 2022 of the National Football League (NFL). Thus, the Niners will go before Green Bay Packers the following week and the Cowboys had run out of sleep.

The game was closed towards the end due to a series of plays and errors by both teams. Finally, a mental error by Dak Prescott He took away the chance for the Dallas team to have one last play to tie the game. In this way, they left empty handed.

The Cowboys did a lousy job offensively, and the entire game was marked by player fouls at the worst possible times; 14 were the handkerchiefs thrown by the referees against the locals, a record in the Playoffs for the franchise.

Video: The debacle of the Dallas Cowboys fans

A video provided by journalist Jane Slater (@SlaterNFL) shows the Angry Cowboys fans throwing all sorts of objects at umpires and a Dallas player. However, the same reporter clarifies that the fan who sent her the video told her that he they were throwing the players, not the referees.

(@SlaterNFL on Twitter)

To add spice to the matter with the judges, according to Ed Werder, a journalist for ESPN, Dak Prescott, at the post-game press conference, expressed his disappointment when told that fans threw things at DeMarcus Lawrence (#90), but when they mentioned that they also threw trash at the umpires, the QB didn’t feel the same way. “Credit to them then”said the marshal.


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