400,000,000! Cristiano Ronaldo breaks new Instagram sound barrier

Cristiano Ronaldo is one, if not the best footballer of all time and at the age of 37 he still inspires fans around the world. The superstar is not only an exception on the pitch.

On Monday, the Portuguese also broke another sound barrier on social media.

CR7 is the first person ever to break the incredible 400 million Instagram subscribers mark. Shortly after his 37th birthday, which Ronaldo celebrated with his family on Saturday, the Manchester United star player broke this record.

No other person in this world has so many people following them on social media in general and on Instagram in particular.

Pictures that Cristiano Ronaldo posts on Instagram are regularly liked by a double-digit million number, such as two photos of him training with his son Cristiano jr. showed.

Otherwise, no other footballer can even come close to the 2016 European champions. His eternal rival Lionel Messi, for example, also has a huge community on Instagram with 306 million subscribers – compared to Ronaldo, there are worlds between them.

ManUnited are currently only fourth in the Premier League

Incidentally, the ManUnited scorer’s account is the second most successful user account overall on the social network Instagram. Only the company’s own “Instagram” account knows about even more subscribers, with a total of 469 million followers.

In the English Premier League, the superstar of world football is currently having a much harder time chasing records. In the championship, the Red Devils are currently fourth in the table, 19 points behind city rivals Manchester City.


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