“2022 will be a tough year”

The German Olympic Sports Confederation sees organized sport in the pandemic “at a critical point”.

“We are miles away from normality,” said DOSB President Thomas Weikert in the sports committee of the Bundestag. There is still a slight negative trend among members. In a survey for 2020, the umbrella organization found a decrease of more than 792,000 members.

“2022 will be a tough year,” predicted Weikert. “We have to tackle these hardships in a joint effort between the federal government, the federal states and sport.” It will take years to get membership back to what it used to be. The commitment of volunteers must also be supported. “Allowing mass sport again would have the best effect,” said Weikert. He is also thinking of tax breaks for the volunteer fee. “We urgently need political support,” he said.

Concerns about the Corona crisis have also grown in the German Disabled Sports Association. “It has frightening effects,” said its President Friedhelm-Julius Beuchert. “More than 55 percent of disabled people do not play sports. That was before the pandemic.” The first membership counts showed that the number had fallen from 600,000 to 511,000 members. “We don’t know how to deal with that,” said Beuchert. Rehabilitation sport is a task for society as a whole that a top sports association cannot cope with on its own.


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