1860 Munich is planning the next cup coup against Karlsruher SC

TSV 1860 Munich wants to underpin its reputation as a terror for the second division football teams in the DFB Cup in the round of 16 against Karlsruher SC.

But as with the successes against Damrstadt 98 and Schalke 04, his third division team had to “grow beyond themselves and deliver a strong game,” said coach Michael Köllner before the home game in the Grünwalder Stadion (6.30 p.m. / Sky).

“Every player has to really burn,” demanded Köllner. However, the “clear favourite” is KSC, especially since 1860 has to do without its fans in the Grünwalder Stadion.

The “lions” are proud that they are the last Bavarian representative in the current competition – and not the big city rival FC Bayern Munich.

“This is a nice side note or an important note for our fans to be number 1 in the city in the competition at the moment,” commented Köllner. The DFB Cup is valuable for the reputation of the club. “For 60, that’s a different representation than in the 3rd division and financially appealing,” Köllner explained.

Getting into the quarter-finals would bring around one million euros into the club’s treasury. “If you generate additional income, I assume that things will be easier to implement,” said sporting director Günther Gorenzel on possible investments in the squad if they stayed in the lucrative cup competition.


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