1. FC Köln: Insane Baumgart video goes viral

During the corona quarantine, coach Steffen Baumgart from the Bundesliga soccer club 1. FC Köln converted his living room into a coaching zone. A video compilation that his daughter Emilia posted on “Tik Tok” went viral over the weekend.

On it you can see – and above all hear – how Baumgart, who was missing because of a positive test in the FC game against Freiburg, roars through the living room and cheers on his team at least as emotionally as he usually does on the sidelines.

“They should play forward, even if they get three,” he apparently shouted to someone from his coaching team over his cell phone. “I have to yell at someone.” Apparently he shouted at a Freiburg player via television: “Get your ass up. Every time you cry.”

The team from Cologne, supervised by Baumgart’s assistant André Pawlak, defeated Freiburg 1-0 on Saturday. Whether Baumgart can be back in the stadium in Leipzig on Friday is still open.


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