1. FC Köln: Horn leaves whereabouts open

Goalkeeper Timo Horn has left open a stay at the Bundesliga soccer club 1. FC Köln because of his reserve role.

“Basically I want to play, my situation is clear, the contract runs for another year,” said the 29-year-old in “kicker”: “At the moment I’m firmly assuming that I’ll stay in Cologne and show my best possible performance. At the same time it’s not out of the question that I’ll change.”

In general, he deals with the situation “relaxed” and lets everything come his way, explained the long-time number one. As of now, he assumes that he will still be in Cologne in six months.

In the second half of last season, Horn had lost his long-standing unchallenged status as first-choice goalkeeper to Marvin Schwäbe.

“There is no question that I would prefer to play, to be number one. That’s logical, it must be the aspiration of every professional to play as much as possible,” said the native of Cologne: “But I’m a I am a positive person and keep on stepping on the gas. My example in particular shows how quickly things can go. The tide can turn just as quickly.”

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